If you’re bored, and extremely hungry, this weekend

On a trip to Jefferson City yesterday I saw two billboards for a festival June 2nd in “Downtown Olean, Missouri.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to snap a picture as I drove past.

Olean apparently has a population of 163, so I’m not sure how much of a downtown they have. It’s likely this festival more than doubles their population. Politically, they are part of Miller County, which was solidly Bush in 2000 and 2004.

That’s just to give you a mental picture, because the fesitval is the 14th Annual Testicle Festival.

As a poet, I must say that’s a near-perfect three-syllable rhyme there. Very impressive. However, as I stated above, you’re going to have to be mighty hungry to attend this festival….or eat beforehand. Unless you have a taste for this delicacy. From discussions of past years it says they’ve had pig, lamb, bull and turkey testicles to eat. (My initial guess was that the last was for those who are a little squeamish, as I thought turkeys weren’t blessed with that particular body part. Research suggests I was wrong. It’s just located on the interior, by the liver, but it can be retrieved by a butcher, and eaten. Yummm.) It’s possible they also prepare different parts of the animal. I’ve also read that in 2005 they had a drag queen contest, but I’m not sure about this year. (I guess I could call the info number on the link in the third paragraph of this post. If I was a reporter I’d do that. But I’m a blogger, so I’ll just note the phone number is there, and if you’re interested in more details, you can call.)