0 thoughts on “The case of the stolen chevy…

  1. Christy

    I think I know this answer, but don’t want to post it here. I can’t figure out how to make the text white. I assume that they stole the car after 12.31.95.

  2. John

    Hmmm… I haven’t thought about invisible ink here. That was a creative idea Nobody had. Let’s see:

    gray: can you see this?
    white: can you see this?
    silver: can you see this?

  3. John

    if it’s going to be a white background – which the first, and every odd comment is – font color=white.
    If it’s gong to be a greyish backgound, for the even comments, – font color = #F8F8F8
    put white or F8F8F8 in quotes, and use the brackets per usual


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