Frying Shakespeare’s bacon…

This article goes into detail on the history of the theory that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. It has some unorthodox origins.

The many faces of the Bard

I wish some of my theories could gain such traction. I wish someone would fund a 4-year vacation for me so I could prove them through atmospheric osmosis. (You’ve got to read the article.)

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  1. DL Emerick

    Theories invented here -=- or vented in here.

    More interesting than the question of Who wrote the Shakespearian plays is the question who wrote the Harry Potter series?

    It’s quite obvious to me that the alleged author, Ms Rowling, could not possibly have been privy to all the State Secrets held by the Ministry of Magic, nor even of the multifarious recent events recounted as the Current History of Hogwarts.

    One might think, for instance, that Harry Potter has outsourced his autobiography, but why would he not insist that Ms. Rowling report that possible fact, in the customary style of the ages, “As Told to JK Rowling”, and give the true author of the tales his due credit, as the considerable person that he (or perhaps, she, might be).

    The parenthetical above alludes to the equally strong possibility that the infant terrible, Ms. Hermione Weasley, nee Granger, may have ghost-narrated the Potter tales — as the books lavish rather vast amounts of praise upon her, as the other genius behind all those dark, and yet too recent events, the magnitude of which we, in our own age, are still experiencing.

    The genius other than Ms. Granger would have been, of course, the late Professor Dumbledore, who certainly must now and ever rank as one of the most crafty wizards of all ages. Alas, though, unless he faked his own death, and was strangely absent in the final denouements of his master strategy — for ending completely and finally the threat of Him Whom We Do Not Name — his demise well before the predicated actual end of those events, of occurances, in fact, militates strongly against ny thesis of Dumbledorian authorship, no matter how adorant and clever proponents of such a thesis might be.

    Will the real authjor please stand up? My bet, when all is said and done, rests on Hermione. Her reasons for direct and express acknowledgement of authorship must lie, solely, so I infer from the London Times, in the realm political, in her quixotic pursuit of the chief Ministerial office itself.

    Time will out the truth but — until that day — we shall keep the homefires sparkling with our well-grounded speculations.


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