There’s something wrong with Google’s formula for their image search

I was looking at my statistics for the month of October, and the number one search term that drove people to my site?

Anakin Skywalker

I looked at that, and started racking my brains trying to recall when I last blogged about Star Wars. I am a geek. I have seen all of the films multiple times, but I know I haven’t blogged much about them. I did a google search, and my website didn’t turn up in the first 100 results.

On a hunch, I tried a Google Images search. Fifth picture. From a meme-quiz I took which identified me as most like Anakin out of all the Revenge of the Sith characters. I took the quiz back in 2005. Two years ago!

So there are only 4 other pictures on the entire interweebs of Anakin that are ranked higher than mine. (And the image isn’t even on my site – it’s hotlinked from the quiz site. But the search results link to my site.)

So…Welcome Star Wars Fans!

0 thoughts on “There’s something wrong with Google’s formula for their image search

  1. Blair

    There was a time a few years ago when the single most popular search result for Shore Leave was “Black Death”. I discovered that the photo archives do include a shot of someone in costume as death, but given that Shore Leave is a Science Fiction media convention, it’s somewhat surprising that this was the most common result.

    Bottom line I guess is that search is weird.

  2. DL Emerick

    Is that the trick? To get others to link to you?

    others link to you because you are a source.

    you don’t have to be orginal, just findable, when no one else is.

    you can be findable first if you blog faster than others, on something new.

    who knows.

    they’ll change the algorithm when they find I’m first found.

  3. John

    It’s not a trick, per se. I will write regardless of whether people read me.
    I’m not a ‘source’ for much except commentary.
    About the only news I’ve been the original source reporter on is the Great Animal Rebellion. But when the books get written on that…there will at least be a chapter on me, I hope.
    Because I’ve always been nice to animals…so when they take over, hopefully they’ll be nice to me.


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