Explanation of WGA Writer’s Strike

In case you haven’t seen it yet, The Daily Show writers present the “Not The Daily Show” explanation of the writer’s strike.

Less humorous presentations from United Hollywood

In short…don’t piss on writers, because writers know how to write!

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  1. DL Emerick

    The name of the game?

    The name of the rose?

    A game by any other name is still a game.

    A game is a game is a game.

    Transference: to take from one and place it with another,
    a projection of quality.

    What goes around comes around: trickle-downs flow from evaporation-rain cycles:
    the process is circular: water collects in pockets, evaporates in thin air, falls in rain on all.

    Round things roll around, on flat-like surfaces,
    but pocket themselves in concavities,
    yet are forced toward dispersals in convexities.

    Deduction: what they take from you before giving you anything,
    or a kind of inference, from given premises to what is not given to you, on the premises.

    Rolling stones gather no loose electrical charges, nor any loose change,
    unless they are conductive, lead to capacitors that discharge the aggregate potential.

    The primary game is called economy.

    In an economy, the terrorist trick is to be more concave than your neighbors,
    so that money collects in your pockets, or less convex than other surfaces.

    Deep pockets are the worst offenders of any economy.

    The game ends when you have all the money in the game.

    An economy is supposed to be eternal.

    Hence, the terrorists — eg, the great robber barons — are evil,
    because they play to win, to end the game ahead of it.

    They get no wealth of roses from me.

    I want to smell the roses along the way.


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