In Popular Culture…

Here’s a link to the Wikipage for those who want to see the ‘real’ one.

of course **someone** did, predictably, attempt to make a change this morning. It didn’t last.

The ‘in popular culture’ sections of wiki entries can get rather trivial at times.

0 thoughts on “In Popular Culture…

  1. Blair

    I briefly considered starting an article about “In Popular Culture” (like the original HTML’s title attribute suggested) but decided I didn’t want to be responsible for the blogosphere imploding.

    Besides, it really bugs me that I can’t edit the cartoon and fix the error. The rainstick was not presented to Jayne in the episode Jaynestown. It was at the start of Our Mrs. Reynolds.

  2. John

    Under the theory if you think of doing something, someone else does it…

    (well, it works for me, it might not work for you, considering some of the things you’ve done…)

    Anyway, it was done, and it was deleted, and once a page has been deleted linking to an old ‘version’ of it no longer works…but the ‘discussion’ on whether or not to keep the page is funny. (and proof that it existed for awhile without implosion…or so we assume.)

  3. Databob

    Nice. I saw the cartoon, and wondered if ‘pedia was going to mirror it.

    Also, Blair just might be the coolest person ever. Good catch! I just assumed that XKCD would get their facts right…

  4. John

    However, if enough people were to agree that it was in the Jaynestown episode, and reliable sources could be shown as evidence…(I could probably create one or two myself) – then the truthiness or wikiality factor increases, and XKCD becomes ‘right’.