on MTV’s The Phone and promotional photography

This is the Promotional Image I included in a blog post a couple years ago when my cousin, Ben Newmark, starred in the Short Film, West Bank Story

Here is a Promotional Image for the upcoming Reality TV show, The Phone (premiering Tuesday April 21). My cousin, Dan Newmark, is on the right.


I know West Bank Story won an Oscar and everything, but Ben really needs to talk to his younger brother, because the picture of Ben and the Camel never made it on to my Desktop, and the picture of the cast from The Phone was my wallpaper within seconds after I saw it.

Her name is Julia Voth.

Since reality television focuses on the contestants, and not on the ‘cast’, I suspect the roles of “Agent 1” and “Agent 2” will be relatively small. And if MTV caters to their likely target audience, “Agent 1” will have more camera time than “Agent 2.” (as possibly confirmed by the numbering.) But it appears my cousin should at least be in the credits for each episode.