My Favorite Color

My wife will tell you my favorite color is red, and will use my reaction when she wears a red dress as proof. However, I don’t react the same way when other people wear red. So I’m not sure the conclusion she draws is 100% correct. (Though I am not saying she is wrong. Red is a very nice color. Especially on her.)

When it comes to business shirts, I definitely prefer blue. (Though I do have a pink shirt that I like to wear.) When it comes to casual shirts, tie-dye. (And one of my favorite tie-dye shirts is a baseball Cardinals shirt my wife tie-dyed for me – and you can probably guess the color. But my bleeding Cardinal red doesn’t make red my favorite color.)

My favorite color sky is blue. Yes, sunsets are beautiful, but they don’t beat a cloudless, sunny afternoon.

I like red wine, but I definitely prefer white. (Actually, I prefer mead, which is more of a honey color.) I once tried Red Ale, and didn’t like it at all. I prefer my food brown (the color of chocolate or dark rum) which doesn’t mean I don’t like apples. (I prefer Jonathan and Golden Delicious, anyway.) And my politics are a solid blue. Not one drop of red.

Draw your own conclusions.

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