WW – Week 2

August 1, 2001

First the bad news. Friday morning at Harrahs I tried to eat sensibly, but with the French toast, and home fries, it was not a good morning. And I couldn’t back away from drinking at the parties. Saturday night there was a buffet banquet. It was next to impossible for me to keep track of my points over the weekend at the conference, and I just gave up for those few days. There’s a black hole in my journal. Not too happy about that.

Good news: Before the weekend I had banked 10 points, and since I weigh in on Wednesday evenings, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I reverse-banked several more points. And since every little bit counts, I got a haircut Wednesday afternoon 🙂 Over the whole week I lost 2 pounds, just under five for the first two weeks. I wonder what I could lose with a normal weekend….maybe I’ll find out this coming week.

Things I’ve learned:

healthdiscovery.net is another great website with over 100 restaurant point-menus. Bison meat is a great alternative to beef (or chicken). Using the nutirional information on the above link, and the Weight Watchers food companion:

  • 3 oz bison = 3.5 points
  • 3 oz beef = 5.5 points
  • 3 oz chicken (with skin) = 5 points
  • 3 oz chicken (w/out skin) = 3 points

Fantasia Smoothies are an excellent way to start the morning. Some I’ve calculated are 2 points a serving, some 3 (2 servings per bottle), but there’s a pound of fruit in every bottle. (the company’s website is currently under construction).

I really like the Weight Watchers.com message boards. They can serve up inspiration and motivation between meetings.