WW – Week 3

August 8, 2001

Is there such a thing as a “normal” week? Went to a party on Saturday, but easily made up for what I ate and drank the rest of the week by banking points. However, Tuesday was my first “Food Day” at work while on program. Whenever I felt tempted by the food table beyond resistance, I tried to take only small pieces, but I still ate too much. When I tried calculating what I ate at the end of the day, I came to the disturbing conclusion I probably ate twice my allotted points…and I had one day before weighing in.

I still lost a pound. But I know that’s because I’m still in the opening few weeks where I am expected to be losing the initial weight quickly. If I don’t learn how to manage these temptations, even though they only seem to come about once a week on average, in future weeks I won’t be so lucky.

Things I’ve learned:

Hummus and crackers are a great snack. The Jalapeno hummus from Tribe of Two Sheiks is only 1 point per 2 tbsp serving. A serving of 11 small fat-free garlic and herb crackers from Venus is also just 1 point.

On the WeightWatchers message boards someone suggested a tunafish/salsa/spinach/celery dish I may have to try. I am going to have to cook a lot more if I don’t want to keep eating the frozen entrees I’ve been eating a lot of the past 3 weeks.

Being my fourth meeting, I got the flyer on activity points. I’m not quite sure what exercise I will do — there isn’t much that I like.