WW – Week 6

August 29,2001

Another week, another pound.

Over the weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday I joined several others at Outback Steakhouse. I had their grilled salmon and vegetables, which was quite tasty. I also had a cup of their cream of onion (walkabout) soup, which I could have done without. But including the piece of cake afterwards, the entire meal was around 10-12 points, which is probably about half of what I would have eaten 6 weeks ago.

A co-worker is getting married this weekend, and I joined several others yesterday for lunch as we took him to a local pizzeria. Of course I had pizza, and way more than I should have. But on Monday I brought some sushi from the local grocery store in for lunch, and I am going to do that more often as I want to cut down on the sodium-enriched frozen entrees.

I got up the courage to try the Planet Green juice mix from Fantasia this week. It contains a variety of fruits, along wiith wheat grass, barley grass and blue-green algae. 100% of the RDA for Vitamins C and A in one serving. Not too bad. I gagged several years ago when I tried wheat grass juice straight, but there must be enough fruit in the mix to counterbalance that taste.

There’s a Whole Foods store that is about to open within walking distance from where I live. I am anxious to see what kind of foods they have; I suspect I may be shopping there a lot.

I think I am beginning to see some results in these pictures.


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