WW – Week 7

Sept 5,2001

Another week, another pound and a half, unfortunately this time in the wrong direction.

I could blame it on Labor Day weekend, but the weekend didn’t force me to eat what I ate. I did get 2 hours of walking in during the week which probably helped to make it not as bad as it could have been.

In Week 4 I gained a pound, didn’t let it get to me and got right back on program — and in Week 5 I lost it again, plus an additional pound and a half. I can do that again. Our group leader emphasized tonight that we should all be proud of ourselves despite whether we gained or lost this week, because we came to the meeting.

Tonight I renewed my membership for 20 more weeks. That will take me up to Jan 19, 2 days before my birthday. I am in this for the long term. Despite a couple bad weeks, I am having more success overall on WW than I have had on other diets. By my birthday I hope to be half-way to my goal – 178 pounds – that’s only slightly more than a pound a week, so it’s achievable.