WW – Week 8

Sept 12,2001

Yikes. If there was ever any week not to go to the meeting this would have been it. The events yesterday were horrifying. I have relatives who live in New York, spent about 6 months in DC several years ago, and while everyone I know is alright, I can’t get those images from the television news out of my mind. I am eating dinner with my family this evening at the time when I would normally go to the meeting, so I went to an earlier meeting

Going in the correct direction once again. Two pounds, and I had a real enjoyable weekend celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek. I was sitting in front of a television most of it watching all 9 movies, and many episodes, so I didn’t get much exercise, but I managed to eat only small quantities of chip, dip, etc. and I was overly careful the rest of the week.

Standing around at work yesterday talking to co-workers about the news events I had several of those small chocolate Hershey nuggets out of nervousness. But I still lost, which is a good sign.

The meeting I went to today is a new one in town, only began a couple weeks ago and I was the only one there besides the leader, so we had a 1-1 meeting. Luckily it was the same leader as the evening meeting so she knew who I was.

She gave me some good ideas regarding snacking, and we discussed how to best handle Yom Kippur which is coming up in two weeks. (The fasting part is real easy, except she recommended that I eat a somewhat larger meal than I have been the last 8 weeks for the pre-fast meal since a “diet-sized” meal might make it more diffcult to make it through the fast, and of course not to try to eat a full day’s worth of points in the break-fast meal after the fast is over — just to remember that I can’t bank more than 5 points on a given day.)

9 pounds 8 weeks

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