WW – Week 9

Sept 19,2001

Tuesday night my family had a holiday dinner to welcome in the new year. Cheese appetizers, apples and honey, wine, lots of challah, and some real nice desserts.

24 hours before weigh-in, there wasn’t much to do except try to have as good a week as possible beforehand. I ended up breaking even with no weight loss or weight gain. My group leader asked me, “a year ago, would you have gained weight?” and I knew the answer was, “yes.” So I should be happy with what happened.

The one mistake I made during the dinner was eating more challah than I probably should have, but the plate ended up in front of me, and I kept tearing off small pieces. It was so good.

I’ve also lately caught myself slipping on journaling. I journal in my mind from day-to-day. Since I am able to eat 3 meals a day, and do very little snacking, it’s not difficult to figure out at dinner how many points I have left to spend. However, not writing it down, I don’t know on days I want to eat a little more how many points I’ve saved up. It’s easy to tell myself “I’m sure I’ve saved enough for this,” but I don’t know for sure.

I also need to be a little more active. The health food store I mentioned a few weeks ago is finally opening next Wednesday. It’s about six or 7 blocks away, so it’s close enough to walk to and pick up a few small items and walk back. I’m going to try to work that in my routine at least once a week.

9 pounds 9 weeks

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