WW – Week 11

Oct 3, 2001

Tonight I received my 10 pound ribbon, and have lost 11 pounds over the past 11 weeks. It feels good.

Last December I received as a gift a pair of courderoy pants that were too small. They were so tight I couldn’t even button them. I refused to let them out; telling myself that doing so would be admitting to myself I would never lose the weight. I can now button them. They’re still too tight to wear, but another 10 pounds and I suspect I will be able to wear them. If I can maintain this rate of a pound a week, I should be there two months from now, in early December.

At the meeting we discussed the sort of eating habits we’d suggest to someone trying to gain weight. We were all of course experts on that, and came up with some good advice.

For example:

  • Eating as fast as possible
  • Seconds, and thirds
  • Clearing the plate
  • Don’t talk
  • Desserts
  • Fast food

Then of course our leader suggested we look at the list and pick out the one item that gives us the most problems, and do our best this week to turn it around. For me that is definitely the speed at which I eat my food. [This is a problem since it takes the brain 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full, and one can eat a lot of food in 20 minutes.]

I also still haven’t managed to work exercise into a regular routine. I look forward to losing weight quicker once I can figure out how to do this.

11 pounds 11 weeks