WW – Week 14

Oct 24, 2001

It’s amazing how those weeks fly by:

Week 12: gained 1/4 pound
Week 13: lost one pound
Week 14: lost 1/4 pound

At least I’m doing slightly better with the weight loss than keeping the site up to date, but not by much. My pace is bothering me. It’s not exactly a plateau, but I’d like to lose a little more quickly.

As I thought I would several weeks ago, I’m really enjoying shopping at the Whole Foods Market. I’ve begun supplementing the WW smart ones I bring to work with several Amy’s entrees, which I’ve found tastier. (Though I’m careful to look at the package before I buy as Amy’s concentrates on keeping it vegetarian, which doesn’t always mean low points.)

Yesterday for lunch I had a bag of mixed baby greens with fat free creamy dill dressing, and it was only one point (all in the dressing). I was able to eat a little more at my weekly gathering at Steak n Shake and still consume only 22 points for the entire day. I may do this again, but next time I’m going to get a different bag of salad. The baby greens were tasty, but a little too green for my liking.

Also, in the past 3 weeks, I’ve learned the formula behind the WW slide rule.
(Calories/50) + (Fat/12) – (Fiber/5) I’m now able to estimate in the store how many points something is before I buy it.

12 pounds 14 weeks

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