WW – Week 23

Jan 09, 2002

Week 19-22: gained 2.2 pounds
Week 23: lost 5 pounds

When I began WW back in late July, at one of the early meetings, my group leader told all of us you could approach holidays, vacations, special events, etc from a variety of directions. You could plan to lose, plan to maintain, or plan to gain as little as possible. The important part was to be in control.

During the past holidays it was basically my goal to maintain, though I held out a little hope that I might lose a little. From one perspective I maintained almost exactly. Last week I weighed in at the exact amount I weighed one week prior to Thanksgiving. However, theoretically, I should count from the Wednesday immediately prior to Thanksgiving, and in that case I did actually gain 2 pounds over the period. There’s no question in my mind though that it could have been a lot worse.

Last week I declared the holidays over and went back to my normal eating routine. When I weighed in tonight, my group leader’s jaw dropped when she read the scale, and I got to give her a big smile.

I lost FIVE pounds this week!

Previously the most I had lost in one week was 2.5 or 3 pounds, and that was early on. For most of my time on the program I’ve lost weight in bits and pieces, rarely more than a pound a week. I’ve been on the program 23 weeks, and lost 17.5 pounds. This is by no means a complaint. This is 17.5 pounds I wouldn’t have lost if I hadn’t joined WW, and it’s 17.5 pounds I have no intention of ever finding again.

2002 is a new year, and I am extremely happy the way I’ve begun it. For the first time in a long time I made no New Years Resolutions this year regarding my weight (besides promising myself that I would remain on WW until I reached my goal.) I made other resolutions regarding other areas of my life I am gaining the confidence I can tackle as well.

The one thing I have stopped doing over the past few months, and which I am going to start up again, is journallling. I know that’s one reason I’ve been losing so slowly; but as frustrating as that’s been, what’s more frustrating is that I have no idea what I did this week, and I would so much like to repeat it!

17.5 pounds 23 weeks

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