Basic Math and

A conservative friend of mine told me I had to check out
so I did.

Here’s a quote:

…debunking the Fahrenheit 9/11 claim that President Bush spent 42% of his first year in office on vacation.

It’s obvious that these “vacation days” include weekends…Okay, 42% is a lot of vacation, but weekends account for 29% of our time. I’m sure that a lot of this “vacation” time is just Bush going to Camp David for the weekend. Can we really fault the President for going to Camp David on weekends? If you take out weekends, you get 42%-29%, or 13% of the time that Bush was on vacation.

Excuse me? 42%-29% = 13%? Where did this guy go to school?

First lets get a rough estimate the easy way:
10% of 42% = 4.2%. (You just move the decimal over one)
30% would be 12.6%

so subtracting 29% of 42% from 42% would result in about 30%

Now get out your calculator:
42 * 0.29 = 12.18
42-12.18 = 29.82

So if we subtract weekends, that’s 29.82%, not 13%.

But Presidents don’t get to subtract weekends. You can tell the person who came up with this has a five-day a week 8 hour a day job. People at the executive level of any company don’t. There are many people in America who work 60-80 hour weeks. They’re lucky to get 1 day off a week.

I realize a 7-day a week schedule is hard, but Presidents get paid a nice hefty annual salary the rest of their lives.

From Tom Tomorrow’s blog:: This statistic, incidentally, overrates Bush’s vacation time, since many of these are partial days, and he does occasionally do some official work in Crawford or at Camp David. However, it doesn’t include the time Bush spends campaigning and fundraising, largely at taxpayer expense (think Air Force One costs, for example), which has nothing to do with actually running the country. As of late March, Bush had taken well over 400 campaign trips by now, the number is surely approaching 500. So the amount of time Bush has spent not being our president is easily upwards of 40 percent.