HG Wells predicted the Flower Children
Isaac Asimov predicted calculators
Ray Bradbury predicted interactive television

Comic book author, Steve Engelhart may or may not be pleased about getting credit for predicting suicide bombers. (In a 1973 issue of Avengers. Suicide bombers didn’t appear in reality until 1980) Marvel’s info page on The Living Bombs

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  1. John

    It references predictions…and SF/Fantasy. Two connections.

    It’s likely they came from one thread over, saw the word ‘predictions’ in the upper left, followed it, and commented. I’ve got no problem with it. (Though it does go better one thread over)

    JKR has continually said regarding this issue, enough hints have been dropped, and “you will have to read between the lines.” From my interpretation, Neither has advanced yet much beyond the Jr. High “hurl insults at each other” stage. If nothing happens in Book 6 to advance the relationship, it’s not going to be in book 7.