Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

JK Rowling has announced that that is the title for Book Six

She is not done with the book, and there is no estimated date of publication. She does say that the “Half Blood Prince” isn’t Harry or Voldemort.

(Half-blood almost has to refer to what derisively is called a “mudblood” or someone who is only half-wizard.)

I suspect it won’t be a minor character

For those who wish to start making guesses…JK Rowling has stated that she considered the title for the second book, but decided crucial bits of information were better revealed in book six. Suggesting we knew the HBP in the second book, we just didn’t know he was an HBP.

Here’s my analysis of the possibilities:

Neville – I think he is a possibility. We know his father was a wizard, and came from a long line of respected wizards. He now lives with his grandmother I believe. I’m not sure we know about his mother.
Weasleys – not a possibility, we know about both their parents.
Draco – not a possibility, we know about both his parents

Adults (almost all of them are possibilities)
Snape – interesting possibility since most of Slytherin hates ‘mudbloods’
Hagrid – definite possibility
Sirius – not introduced by book two, so unlikely
Dumbledore – possibility

Those are probably are the most likely guesses. And I would pick Neville if I were betting. Just because it appears he’s becoming more and more important as the books progress. (I even think it is possible, if Rowling is a brave woman, that Neville might end up being the one to kill Voldemort in the end, and not Harry. But legions of kids would probably hate her forever if she did that, which is why she’d have to be very brave. But if she turns him into a prince in book six, it might be more acceptable to the legions. These are just guesses. I know nothing.)

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  1. John

    Sorry, I do recall that now. So that pretty much eliminates most of the well-known kids from contention, unless Rowling decides to question the parentage of one of them.

    It could be one of Draco’s buddies, the annoying kid with the camera, I’ve forgotten his name, or someone on the Quidditch teams, but they’re probably unlikely.

    Another possibility are the ghosts.

    It’s fun to try to guess. Perhaps if one rereads book two one might get some hints. Since it was originally going to have that title.

  2. Anna

    its not neville . . . he’s a pure-blood . . . dumbledore says in OoTP . . . and “the annoying kid with the camera” is colin creevy . . . and he’s not one of draco’s buddie’s either . . . draco hates him actally . . . because he worships harry . . . i think it’s hagrid . . . i posted a big long paragragh on why on the-leaky-cauldron.com

  3. John

    I was trying to indicate a series, one of Draco’s buddies,or the annoying kid with a camera, or someone on the quidditch team.

    Of the adults, I agree Hagrid is one of the more tempting possibilities.

  4. Adam

    Well…Some poeple beat me to it while i was looking it up…. but it says on page 185 in the Chamber of Secrets that Neville is a pure blood. (Somewhere else it said he came from a long line of pure bloods… havent found it yet).

  5. Anonymous

    You’re forgetting one 2 half bloods.
    Seamus- “Me dad’s a muggle, me mam’s a witch”
    he did play a bigger role in book 5…

    Remus lupin- JKR did say herself he was halfblood. Its probally unlikely because he doesnt appear until book 3, But still a key person to look out for. Not to mention he’s..alive.

  6. Cissa

    You’re forgetting one 2 half bloods.
    Seamus- “Me dad’s a muggle, me mam’s a witch”
    he did play a bigger role in book 5…

    Remus lupin- JKR did say herself he was halfblood. Its probally unlikely because he doesnt appear until book 3, But still a key person to look out for. Not to mention he’s..alive.

  7. Eat

    What about Salaazar Slytherin? What if he is the ‘half blood prince’? Never said he was pureblood, did they? Unless I’m wrong…but anyway, it would make an interesting bit of info when you mix it up with the fact that he hated halfbloods or ‘mudbloods’. And I wouldn’t rule it out. I mean look at Voldemort, he hated halfbloods and mudbloods, yet he himself was a halfie (excuse me lmao). He was also introduced in Chamber of Secrets. J.K. said she left out a lot of information that she put in later books in Chamber of Secrets. Maybe the half blood thing was saved for book six? This could be a crucial bit of information…

  8. Toni & Holly

    The annoying kid w/ the camera is COLIN CREEVEY how can you forget?????

    Neville’s parents were both aurors, did you not read about it when they were in St. Mungo’s?

    We are still pondering who it could be though…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  9. Ani

    Colin Creevey did make an enterance in book 2 and is a half blood. But who’s to say “Half Blood Prince” Stands for half muggle and half wizard? You never know…

  10. Eat (again)

    Also note that if you consider the Salaazar Slytherin theory, the title ‘Chamber of Secrets’ and ‘Half Blood Prince’ are closely linked. So maybe she dumped the latter for the former…
    I mean, think about it. If she considered ‘Half Blood Prince’ as the title for Chamber of Secrets, they have to have something to do with each other. I vote Salaazar as the half blood prince. That is all.

  11. Jane

    buckbeak! half horse/half bird…. it makes sense! he makes his debut in the 3rd and his presence is consistent through the following two novels, yet he plays no significant part….. as of yet.

  12. John

    How could I forget? It’s been awhile since I read one of the novels (I read OoTP the day it came out, and haven’t reread any of the novels since), and Colin wasn’t in the recent movie, at least not named. I may (or may not) be older than most of you. If so, you will learn that problems with memory come with age.

    I agree half-blood doesn’t have to refer to muggle/wizard, but that is the analogy JKR is using to parallel Aryan or Klan racial purity. (I’m not saying HP is political, just that whenever racial purity is brought up in a book, you can’t ignore the possible analogies.)

    That’s almost certainly why JKR decided to make Voldemort a half-blood. It’s hard to imagine JKR wasn’t making a reference to the myth that Hitler had a Jewish grandparent. (Though well-known, it is a myth) Making Salazar half-blood would be kind of redundant, but not impossible. (Though I have a hunch its more likely the half-blood prince would be a character we’re meant to identify with, not dislike.)

    The individual who said Gryffindor was the HBP. Do you know JKR? Have you read the book already? You seem so sure of yourself. ­čÖé

    Of the adults, I still support Hagrid as the likeliest choice. Considering his involvement with the Chamber of Secrets, he is as good as a choice in that regard as Salazaar, if not better. I’d say the two best choices if the plot for book two was the same when JKR was considering the title would have been Voldemort and Hagrid. JKR has directly said it isn’t Voldemort.

    However, there is nothing to say that the plot for book two wasn’t developed differently after she discarded HPatHBP as the title.


    Where are all of you coming from? Welcome! Feel free to browse around. But I suspect there may be a link from a HP forum somewhere, and I’d love to know where it is.

  13. John

    And just to be stubborn:

    Neville is still a possibility. Both of his parents were aurors, but were both of his parents really his parents? (Yes, I realize this would make the more appropriate title: HP and the half-blood bastard prince, but who’s to say?)

    And maybe JKR isn’t being literal about ‘half’. Maybe she’s just using it as the non-derogatory version of ‘mudblood’.

  14. Jack

    It may be a trifle detail, but it├şs just a thought- all this talk of the half blood prince has everyone speculating about people that are already established characters. But the titles of the preceding five novels all reference something or someone completely new and introduced solely in that novel. Who├şs to say the half blood prince is not a character to be constructed in this the 6th book?

    As the Harry├şs story comes closer and closer to an ending, I think it unlikely that J.K. Rowling will use the last two novels to simply kill off Voldermort and establish Harry├şs density- not to suggest this won├şt be a key part. I just think that it is almost vital that J.K. Rowling throw out something completely shocking and new.

    But to contradict myself she may be able to do that with a previously established character├ľ.. this just seems more difficult I suppose├ľ.. However- I still think that in order to be consistent with the titles of the preceding novels it is likely the that half blood prince will be someone new.

  15. John

    She has said that she intends this to be a 7 book series with no sequels — so there is no need to throw out something shocking and new at the end, when she intends to wrap everything up.

    And if this was originally intended to be the title for book two, as she has claimed, then it refers to a character in book two — unless she removed that character from book two when she changed the title. (a possibility)

  16. jack

    good point. it was just a thought.
    but of course she still has two more books- 1,200 pages is more than enough to simply wrap things up…. not to say the wrap-up will be simple, but even still.

    just speculation.

  17. Eat

    Wait a second! Didn’t J.K. say herself that the ‘half blood prince’ was someone we were introduced to in book 2? I could be wrong…

  18. Amy

    I think that it is Voldemort’s brother. JKR said there were a lot of clues in CoS and when Dobby is trying to persuade Harry not to go to school Harry asks if Voldemort has a brother but Dobby shakes his head HIS EYES WIDER THAN EVER. I think thats oneof the clues

  19. Sam

    I think that the HBP is Hagrid, but i’m not sure, it could be Salazar. I heard a rumor that something very small in book 2 will be VERY important in book 6. I thought it could be the diary of Tom, but Harry diposed of it in the 2 one so then i thought of the Griffendor soard Harry pulls out of the sorting hat. And that lead me to think that Godric could be the HBP. But i’m still not sure.

  20. Anonymous

    colin creevy was in the 2nd book and not a big part but you never know! sirius was a pure blood i think. nevllie and ron too…………..

  21. Lyndsay

    In book five it Dumbledore states that Neville is a pureblood during the end of the book. I mean he really clearly says that he is a pureblood… he says it something like “as neville is a pureblood…” so it cant be Neville.

  22. John

    I don’t believe in the word ‘can’t’

    You are probably assuming Dumbledore is able to tell Neville is legitimate. But its possible all Dumbledore knows is both of Neville’s assumed parents were purebloods. We could learn Neville has different parents. (Or just a different father)

    Though it would certainly be surprising if the magical world didn’t have some easy means of testing such matters.

  23. Anonymous

    i think it may be Dean Thomas. In JKR website it says that Dean is halfblood because his real father was a wizard but he abandoned his family to protect them from Voldemort and Dean’s mother didn’t know he was a wizard.

  24. Marco Vargas

    I like all of yo8ur ideas and though this may seem foolish, has anyone remembered Gilderoy Lockhart? I know I hate him and so do others but he may get better ( sadly ) and he is mentioned lots in book 2 … I dont think we know what kind of blood he is.
    I kind of think Voldemort should be the half blood prince. Not that Im a death eater but he is a cool person for a prince. An Evil Prince …

  25. Victor

    WAit what about ghosts? Like Sir Nearly Headless Nick? He was in the 2nd book I believe with a chapter about his deathday party? ALmost redundant but she could of been throughing something out there for us.
    Hagrid is definitely a character that could be a possibility.
    I think it would be someone that maybe we didnt know was a halfblood instead of thinking the obvious possibilities.
    I dont think Colin Creevey. His character could be a strong canidate, but the introduction of his little brother in book 4, suggests that the possibility is unlikely.

  26. Victor

    I have come up with another possibility, in book 2, Chapter 11 “The Dueling Club” When Malfoy uses the spell “serpensoria” a snake came out from his wand and went to attack a halfblood named Justin Finch-Fletchley. He could be a possible character for the HBP. J.K. Rowling never said it was a character that had a big part.

  27. izzybelle

    The whole idea of a “prince” totally doesn’t make sense. One of the major messages of the books has been that your birth doesn’t grant you any rights (i.e., a half-giant is just as good, if not better than a pure-blood). It seems vaguely hypocritical that the characters who are always defended by Rowling, despite their parentage would end up producing a position that is given due to birth (princes are usually determined by their birth). I think that the term “prince” must be figurative – there is no real “prince”, there is no one with a heredity right to lead the half-bloods. Rather, it is someone who is given such a position becuase of their merrit – i.e, bravery. My guess is it is someone high up in the Order of the Phoniex. However, I am tempted to say it is a Death Eater, or one of those bad people who aren’t actually Death Eaters (i.e., Crouch). Only one of those would be arrogant to take a title such as “prince”.

  28. Crystal

    I heard that JKR is thinking of doing more than just the 7 books she originally planned on. I know it would make me happy. I think the HBP could be Hagrid because as each new book comes out, you learn more about his origin. We learn about his parents and most recently we learnt of his half-brother.

  29. wake up people

    listen has anyone actualy bin focking listening to anything thats been said by J.K herself?
    1.the second book was going to be named the Halfblood Prince, but she felt not enough was known of him yet.
    2.The halfblood prince is a major character and was INTRODUCED in the second book, so all you seamus finnegan pushers and such; learn to read.
    3.Nevil will play a major part, obviously but he is a Pure Blood, say it with me now P-U-R-E. so he is not the halfblood prince.

    so for all you amatueres il speel this out for you the nice and slow. person prince is a Halfblood, big character, introduced in the second book, in the future often referred to as the dark PRINCE, not there yet……. TOM RIDDLE, TOM RIDDLE,
    T-O-M R-I-D-D-L-E
    I mean seriously wake up and read between the focking lines people.

  30. John

    Wake Up People — why don’t you listen to JKR, yourself. She’s listed two people it definitely isn’t.

    Do you remember, from book two, if you took the letters in Tom Riddle’s name (including his middle name) what they rearranged to spell?

    So there is no way Tom Riddle could be the prince. JKR has specifically stated it isn’t him.

    I don’t hang out on JKR’s website, so I don’t know if she has given any further clues. But all she gave originally was that she had considered the title for book two, but decided to delay certain key information until book six, requiring her to change the title, and she named the two people it wasn’t. (Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (or the name Tom now goes by))

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and look like a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt” — Abraham Lincoln

  31. wake up people

    Listen John, Tom Riddle is not, i repeat not the same person as Lord Voldermort. Tom riddle was a memory from a diary, Lord Voldermort did not feature in the second book.

    and you wana talk about looking like a foool how about you lay off the Abraham Lincon quotes.

  32. John

    “Tom Riddle was a memory from a diary”

    A memory of who? Who’s diary was it?

    Are you saying just the memory is a prince, and the real individual who put his memories into the diary isn’t a prince? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

  33. Tyler

    i think its salazar he was first mentioned in the second book.Also salazar was related to the chamber of secrets and the title the chamber of secrets has to have something to do with the half blood prince.JKR says a small part in the 2nd
    book is a big part in the 6th,salazar was a small part in the second book.JKR said she left out some details from the second book that she thought should be put in later.One detail could be that salazar was halfblood even though he hates halfbloods,just like voldemort who hates halfbloods but is one.

  34. Victor

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT IS NOT TOM RIDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOM RIDDLE IS A MEMORY YES, BUT A MEMORY OF VOLDEMORT! TOM RIDDLE IS VOLDEMORT!!!!!! IT CANT BE TOM RIDDlE.
    What about Filch? Miss Norris was attacked in book 2, maybe it linked to him, but wait hes a squib so I dont know. ITS NOT TOM RIDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Victor

    Wake up People, ITS NOT TOM RIDDLE. You dont know what your talking about, all your doing is just trying to sound genius by pulling things youve heard together and collaborate. Its not Tom for the fact that yes he is….is I say the same as Voldemort. If TOm Riddle was the HBP,,,, guesss what…………………..that would mean VOLDEMORT was the HBP………so it doesnt work out…its u who needs to get your facts straight….just think aobut what your saying..

    and as for John……..I like the Lincoln quote

  36. John

    I am leaning towards Hagrid right now, I think. Partially because of what Izzybelle said. Princes do seem contradictory to JKR’s message. But who says we’re talking about Prince of the magical world? And as has been mentioned in this thread — who says half-blood means half-wizard? Hagrid doesn’t have ‘pure’ giant ancestry, right?

  37. Anonymous

    I really don’t think it will be hagrid because he was introduced in a big way in the 1st book and therefore he was NOT INTRODUCED IN THE 2ND!!!
    I suppose it could be Salazar Slytherin but yet again he was hardly introduced but it was said that something minor in the 2nd book would be major in a later book…It will not be a teacher as they have all been introduced in the 1st book and it WON’T bre neville he is a fat wanker.

  38. alex

    In book 2 Hagrid states that there are no purebloods, only halfbloods at best. Thus, Neville, who is becoming increasingly significant could be the halfblood prince even though regarded as a pureblood.

  39. Victor

    Interesting I did not think about it that way it may be Neville, but I think that maybe Hagrid isnt a possiblility simply for the fact that he would an obvios reason for it. I dont think it is Salasar because she said the HBP would be someone that was more described in the books 3,4,5. He is only really mainly mentioned in book 2. Maybe even a possiblility could be Dudley because as we know he is the cousin of Harry. Whose mother was Dudley’s mother’s sister (obviously.) I know whole heartedly that it is not TOm Riddle for the fact that he is the same as Voldemort. Im not sure I guess it could be Dumbledore.

  40. John

    I’m not sure where everyone is getting their information on what JKR has said. When she first revealed the title, she said the title was considered for book two, she decided not to reveal certain aspects of the plot until book six, so she changed the title. She said it wasn’t Harry or Voldemort. And she said she would say no more.

    It is possible she since then has changed her mind and said more, but I am not aware of that.

    Be careful about interpreting rumors of what she has said as facts about what she has said.

    For example…I have not read that she said the HBP was introduced in book two…only that the HBP was in book two. And one can assume since it was at one time the title, probably played a significant role.

    I have also not heard that she said the HBP was further described in 3,4, or 5. That could also be a rumor.

  41. Victor

    THat makes sense because most of the characters have not built a strong out put knowledge to the audience that they are a possibility. It is not TOm Riddle though for the love of God. Tom Riddle is the same as VOldemort. John has a point it could have changed with her by now and there could be nothing in bokks 3,4,5,

  42. DaNieRu

    My safest bet for who the HBP is is Collin Creevey, think about it, in HP2 he was introduced and was one of the victims of the basilisk, and in HP5 he was a member of the D.A.

    My second bet is Hagrid. Wasn’t her mother like leader or queen of her clan??? then she’s like a queen and hagrid is the prince, and he’s a halflood, wizard/giant. Think about it…

  43. John

    Okay, lets dispel this rumor quickly: Mark Evans is apparently briefly mentioned in OotP, and Harry’s mother, Lily Potter’s maiden name is Evans. However, JKR has officially stated that this is a total coincidence, and that Mark Evans is not important at all.

    Read more here

  44. Banana

    Neville is a pure blood which is revealed in OotP. Ghosts are a posibility or at least someone in the past. Salaazar Slytherin was another choice. After reading the arguements it kind of makes sense.

  45. Victor

    THis may sound crazy, but what if halfblood doesnt mean what it sounds like. I was rereading ootp and it says i forget when, but in one of the early chapters that harry has a dream about Ron and Hermione and the are both wearing crowns it said something else but It could be something Rowling through out there for us. ANd YES I KNOW RON IS PUREBLOOD, but maybe the title “Halfblood” doesnt mean in what we immeadiatly think

  46. Sean

    I’ve read through all the messages and they are all ver similiar, but there was one person that no one has mentioned yet. I can’t remember if her true identity was revealed in bk 2 or not. I believe it was Dumbledore that told Harry about her. It is Mrs. Figg! I think she’s just a squib, but could she be the HBP?

  47. Mike

    Rowling said taht it was not Voldemort but if you recall in the second book, Voldemort distinguished himself from Tom Riddle, because he became a different person in a sense. Therefor Tom Riddle and Voldemort can be considered to seperate characters. TOm Riddle is the young man, while Voldemort is the current man. TOm Riddle is not a memory as many have said, he is (was) a real person, just in the second book he was shown as a memory. Therefor when Rowling said it was not Voldemort, there is the possiblkilty that she meant only Voldemort not Riddle. Im not saying its definate, but its a possibility. And seeing how Halfblood prince was teh possible title for book two, which is centered around tom riddle, it could be a possiblily. Remember that Rowling would not name a book after a minor character, it would be stupid. The hald-blood prince must refer to a major character who has a big part over how teh story plays out. Unless the story is different from what it was originally uinder the old title, that would leave very few options, RIddle at teh top of the list.

  48. mike

    in addidtion to my last comment, my argument of the hbp would ahve to be somone who had a majopr influence over the story of book 2, Hagrid is a very liikely possiblily. Unless im missing someone, the only people who had a major impact over the story were harry, riddle, and hagrid. Correct me if im wrong tho

  49. sarah

    after reading all your comments i have a few of my own:
    1. im not sure about neville being the half-blood prince. lets face it we’re expecting it. all her books have been surprising, i doubt shes going to stop now.
    2. dumbledore is a good bet, i find his character to be very solid, yet what do we know about dumbledore? his parentage? why he has so much power in the wizarding world? why he has bothered to be a principle in a highschool? he has a bigger part to play and its not just as mentor to harry.
    3. not the weasleys, not sirius (hes full blood is he not? as proven in book 5 OOTP, hes related to all the other inbred full-bloods), noone in slytherin… remember Slytherin only wanted purebloods (and do we know for sure what house tom riddle was in seeing as he wouldnt want anyone to know his career choice?).
    4. I like snape for the half-blood prince… we know nothing of him because his character is incredibly secrective (how convenient). He seems to be a major player even though hes a quiet menacing shadow in the book.
    5. prince… its not hermione.
    6. colin creevey… that would be ironic, he looks up to harry and for harry to take on a protective role would be a character developement and ‘allow’ him to age gracefully in the book.
    7. i doubt its hagrid. how boring would it be to find out that hagrid is the half-blood prince of the giants? hes not all that royal either.
    8. im assuming its noone dead. that would be boring as well. shes also done the dead-comes-back in the chamber of secrets, think shell pull the same stunt again?
    9. think about all the things that have been revealed to us. not a lot but still very important. this prince was obviously someone who could be revealed or introduced in the second book, so is not important enough to harry really because this prince’s situation could have been revealed 4 books ago… but the information it forces JK to reveal will be interesting… has harry got a cousin? where IS the rest of his family? surely theres someone else apart from his aunt petunia? what is his family tree? (i’ll laugh if dumbledore is somehow related, that would make sense).
    10. she didnt say it was anyone introduced in book two so i dont know why everyone is saying it is. it could be someone from book 3 or 4.
    11. i doubt its lupin. hes more of a supporting character.

    So it looks like colin creevey, snape, (long stretch) dumbledore or someone yet to be introduced.

  50. John

    1) JK Rowling has said it was once considered the title for book 2. Which leads one to believe the HBP was a major character in book 2. (Not necessarily introduced there, but certainly not introduced later.) If the character isn’t in book 2 at all, it means JKR changed the novel considerably after changing the title — not impossible.

    2) Being half-blood isn’t something that changes. Therefore, if Tom Riddle was half-blood, so is Voldemort. It is *possible* that once Riddle became Voldemort he lost his princedom. But I suspect Rowling isn’t playing with semantics, and it will be someone else.

    3) One could argue Salazar Slytherin played a major role in book 2, as did Hagrid. But it is equally possible, as mentioned in (1), that when JKR decided to hold back on revealing the HBP nature of the character, their role in the book diminished.

  51. sarah

    i reckon it could be colin creevey. she said she considered the title for the second book however, how easy would it be to switch colin creevey’s character with ginny’s character. easily! colin creevey could have easily gotten that book instead of ginny, she just changed the characters around instead of revealing all in the second book. the little guy has been around since book 1 i think, so if the HBP were introduced in book 2 i think they would have had to have been introduced in book 1 for their character to have some merit.

  52. Victor

    COlin Creevey was introduced in book 2 not 1. I think the Jk ROwling has given us all clues we havent been paying attention. Believe it or not my vote for whos the HBP is Ron Weasley. YES I KNOw he is a PUBREBLOOd. but read the books over agian and she gives clues about ROn. They mostly take place in some of Harry’s dreams. ITS NOT COLIN, I ve already stated that he would be a good candidate for the role, BUT the introduction of his little brother dennis kind of hinders that thought because the focus has shifted, Colin cant be just because the psychological base of his character relies on the fact that he is just an annoying kid the worships harry, that is his niche, not to be HBP

  53. Heather

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and look like a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt” — Abraham Lincoln (Posted by John)

    This is a quote from Mark Twain – NOT Abraham Lincoln.

    – – – –

    My theory for the half-blood prince?

    I have no clue. I’ve thought about it frequently, but no one seems to be obvious.

    Neville cannot be the half-blood prince, though. In Book 2 when all the half-bloods were getting attacked and they started stocking up on protection charms, etc. Lee told Neville he didn’t have to worry because he’s already a pure-blood.

  54. Ashlee

    i think the half-blood prince is lupin because JKR said that he playes a HUGE role in the 6th or 7th books.

  55. Ashlee

    i think the half-blood prince is lupin because JKR said that he playes a HUGE role in the 6th or 7th books.

  56. ksizzle

    i think its godric gryffindor because his sword played a big part in CoS and hes a pretty significant character. Good enough to be a prince if u ask me.

  57. tamara

    maybe this is very stupid, but the hbp could be an animal, a snake or something. The basilisk was very important in the CoS and you could call him the prince of animals, and he can also be a halfblood, because his mother is a dragon(a magical animal) and he is hatched out by a toad(not a magical animal)… but i’m not sure

  58. Spiros

    i have read many names such as Salazor Slitherin,Gilderoy Lockhart,Dobby but i think that none of them is really the HBP!I believe that Rowling must do a character with bravery,stregth and mistery.I would like to see as HBP Lypin or Snape becauce are too very mistery characters and Dybledore–>he isn’t just a mentor of Harry-I’m telling you!!!




  59. Anonymous

    well thankyou SPIROS, Im American, i dont know what ive done to you, but I was just kinda gonna put in my thoughts of the HBP, if thats okay with you, we re all human biengs here, there shouldnt be any racial or discriminating comments here at this site, i think instead of hating each other we should just put it as. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO COMES TO THIS SITE SHOULD NOT BE RECOGNIZED ABOUT WHAT RACE THEY ARE BUT RECOGNIZED AS (JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE) A HARRY POTTER FAN, SO WHEN I COME INTO THIS SITE, I AM JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE a HARRY POTTER FAN, IM sorry you feel that way about us Spiros, but its not my own particular fault, i dont think you know that just because our government sends troops over doesnt mean everyone in AMerica agrees with it, i dont think its very fair that you state something against AMericans when most of them dont even have control over the situation, I have nothing against Greece, some of my relatives are Greek, I was just putting that out there because this site isnt dedicated to race, its dedicated to Harry Potter,
    ANyway I dont think it was Lupin or SNape
    I think it is RON, i know he is a pureblood, but it mentions in OOTP that in one of harrys dreams he sees ron and hermione wearing crowns, there are others but i forget where

  60. Anonymous

    ’bout time ron was given some recognition…. but i thought he was a pureblood.

    also- not to shoot ya down or anything, but i think the dream where ron and hermione wearing crowns was in reference to their being made prefects.

  61. Anonymous

    that does make sense maybe it was just suggesting that they were going to become prefects
    very interesting

  62. Spiros

    I’m the Spiros again.i wount to ask apologies from the person who wrote some right things aboyt my coments.you are right, not ereryone in America wanded the war in Irac and in this site we most only be harry potter fans!!!i am just blame the American goverment!

    well, i wish dybledore is HBP!!!
    good day to every one!:))

  63. Victor

    Spiros, yeah that was me who commented, no apologies needed, but thanx for understanding,

    I still think it is Ron I dont know why

  64. John

    Spiros — this thread on this blog is related to Harry Potter, and as such, most of those participating in the discussion are Harry Potter fans, as you say.

    But if you are interested in politics, look around the blog, and you will find many other related posts. And you will find that the person who runs this blog (myself) agrees with you to a large extent about the war in Iraq.

  65. Myranda

    What about Seamus? J.K. Rowling put into the first book that Seamus’s dads a Muggle, mums a witch she even made sure it was put into the first movie. I know the HBP is said to be related to the second book but J.K could be sying that to get you going in the wrong direction. Seamus is a very good canidate for becoming the Half Blood Prince. Then agian it could be a ghost. Nerarly Hedless Nick? The prince dosn’t even have to be a male dose it. Moning Myrtle? Peeves maby????

  66. Spiros

    I am SPIROS

    DEAR SOMEONE (WITHOUT NAME) than you for your understading but I still think that you have to take the control of the situation if you don’t agree with your goverment!!!
    A big group of people can take the control, can do the difference!!!SAY YOUR OPINION!!!
    Finally, as a Harry Potter FAN i still think that HBP isn’t Ron but Dubledure.we will see!
    AND I wand to add that in my country because of the OLYMPIC GAMES the thirt movie of harry potter will be publish in November(YOU SEE WARNER BROS WOULD LOSE MONEY) and I am very agry and disapointent about that.The thirt book is my favorite and I can see it only in trailers in internet.Anyway
    JOHN can you tell me where to find the BLOG becauce I can’t find this site.
    CU :))

  67. Eowyn082876

    It can’t be Neville, Sanpe or Dumbledore. They are all full bloods. Go onto Jkrwling.com. I have good reason to believe that it is Dean Thomas. Oh and Ron is not the HBP either because he is full blood. I thinkl Duddly Dursley is an interesting possibility. It’s probably not him, but it’s an interesting speculation.

  68. Anonymous

    okay for the last time I know ron is a pureblood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO CRAP Im saying he just is………..I know he is………………………………………………….youll see

  69. Ewoynofrohan

    I can not be Snape or anyone in Slytherin. They are all full bloods. It can not be Neville, Ron, or Dumbledore. They are all full bloods. Go to Jk Rowling’s site : www. jkrowling.com I have a good reason to believe that it is Dean Thomas.

  70. Cho

    Yeah…If u want me to guess…Dean will be it.www.jkrowling.com go there,it tells that Dean’s real dad ran away when Dean was born,but he didn’t tell his wife that he was a wizard.Dean now lives with his mother and half-father and a binch of half-brother and sisters.He lives in a happy family.And Dean’s father was killed by several death eaters when he refuse to join them…I think that’s why he ran away from home,didn’t want his family to get into trouble…did he??




  72. Cara Socar


    1. NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE PUREBLOODS, just look at Voldimort(Tom Riddle) he is halfblooded!!!
    2. If it can be Ron it can be Hermione, in my opinion it should be Ron for he is jelouse of Harry.

    Dumbledor: doubtfull
    Voldimort & Harry: NO!!!
    Ron: Posible
    Hermione: Posible
    Neville: Posible but doubtful
    Draco: Posible but doubtful
    Pansky: same as Draco
    Crabbe: same as Draco
    Goyle: same as Draco
    Snape: doubtful
    Magonigal: doubtful
    Hagrid: Possible

    I don’t think we have enough information for it to be anyone else though. AND I DON’T THINK ITS A NEW CHARICTAR!!!

  73. harriett houghton

    i think that the halfblood prince is seamus finnagon because he said in the first book that his dad is a muggle and his mum is a witch and it was in the first film. i DONT think it is ron or hermione because hermione is definetly a mudblood and ron is definatly pureblood! it could be dean thomas because all of that stuff about his dad being a wizard. i dont think it is neville because he is pureblood his mum and dad both got tourchured by volemort. luv harriett houghton

  74. S

    I want to ask two questions.

    What do we know about the parents of Dumbledore? We know his brother is a Wizard, but that doesn’t mean both his parents are (Creevy brothers).

    Also, I think that you all have overlooked the fact that in Chamber of Secrets Harry gets the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. A sword is usually a sign of royalty, but especially because this sword has rubies in it. Now the other question I have is this : Why would a wizard need a sword? If he was a prince, it would have been given him as a gift of coming of age.

    No one says that the heir has to be alive. Plus, in connection with the second book, JK has said that she tried to work in the half blood prince but it wasn’t working well, so she saved it for later. I think that she tried to get the COS to be about the Heir of Slytherin VS. The Heir of Gryffindor. No one has proven that Riddle was a blood relative of Slytherin and at the end of COS Dumbledore says “Only a true Gryffindor could have pulled that out of the hat, Harry”.

    Godric is the Half Blood Prince (which is why he tried to keep all wizards in Hogwarts, not just purebloods.)

    Harry is the heir of Gryffindor, and Voldemort is the heir of slytherin.

    Also, JKR has said that its not time for more questions. Its time to start wrapping it up.

  75. HPfan32

    Ok its defidently not Ron! HE IS PURE BLOOD! and Hermione is MUGGLE BORN!its neitherof them and i doubt it’s Harry because that would be too obvious! also i am pretty sure Nevielle is pure blood but not sure it may be him or Dean Thomas possibly even a gohst bbut it is most likely a male because a prine is male if it was female it would be princess!also Voldemort is a possobility. But as a TRUE Harry Potter fan and reading all of the books at very least 10 times and going to all the releases(except 1st) at midnight, I am telling you it is not Ron OR Hermione!

  76. Cheke

    heres my thoughts…we no its not harry or voldemort…its deffinatly not ron or hermione because hes a pure-blood and both of her parents are dentists. its for sure not neville, malfoy, any of the weasleys, or sirius. JKR did say that she concidered the title for book 2 but she ALSO said she left out imortant bits of info. this could mean that she left out the HBP’s family history on purpose, so as not to give any more clues. another possibility, is that JKR not only desided to change the title of the second book, but also remove that character from the 2nd book entirely.

    oh yeah…and one other thing, JKR has announced that she will be writing a 8th harry potter book.

  77. John

    JKR has announced that she will be writing a 8th harry potter book

    This isn’t in the News section of jkrowling.com. I’d expect it to be. But it does appear in a few news sources:

    “But she now wants to add an eighth entry, featuring outtakes from the series so far.

    “Rowling will donate all proceeds from the book to charity, and publishers estimate the Harry Potter Encyclopedia could make in excess of $A25.68 million ($US18 million).”

    On Aug 2 it appeared in about 3 or 4 obscure news sources, and on Aug 4 it appeared in a few more respectable ones such as The Miami Herald. (stories not difficult to find at news.google.com). However, I am suspicious that it hasn’t been picked up yet elsewhere, and isn’t on jkrowling.com

    Even if true…it doesn’t appear to be an 8th novel …. just an 8th book. An encyclopedia of sorts done for charity.

  78. John

    I now suspect whoever it will be will look “rather like an old lion”, there will be “streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows” He will have “keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, and a certain rangy loping grace even though he walk[s] with a slight limp.”

    (Above quote taken from JKRowling.com, from behind the secret door.)

    Before it is even suggested — it probably isn’t Crookshanks. JKR has stated conclusively that Crookshanks isn’t an animagus. She’s also made it quite clear the mix of species Crookshanks is. But it is a mix….

  79. Hallia

    I have read many of this boards conclusions on who the half-blood prince may be. It disturbes me to find that some of you who very obviously don’t pay attention have suggested that Professor snape is this prince. I feel it my duty to inform you that Snape could not be the prince. Snape, though he would probably deny it, is muggleborn. Wait, before you say I’m nuts, take a look in Book Five Chapter:26 Seen and Unforeseen, page 592. When Harry uses “protego”, the shield spell against Snapes legilimency, he backfires snapes spell causing harry to read snapes memories. He recieves a memory of snape as a small child huddling in a corner while his muggle father terrorizes his muggle mother. Therefore, Snape cannot be the HBP. I suspect that his bad childhood is why Snape ever joined Lord Voldemort in the first place. So think, who elsecould possibly be the HBP, it’s not Snape, or any of the other people said to be muggleborn or full blood on this board.

  80. John

    For that very reason — if that is a quote, I haven’t looked it up to verify it — Snape could be the HBP.

    Hermione is referred to as a mudblood and both her parents were muggles. Families like the Malfoys refer to anyone with any muggle blood as mudbloods. To be a wizard or witch you must have some magic in your blood. So Snape has some magic in his blood. And could be referred to as a half-blood. (JKR may not be taking ‘Half’ literally, and just be using the term as a socially acceptable alternative to ‘mudblood’)

  81. Espurakoy

    have you already considered that teacher who lost his memory in book 2… there could be a possibility, right…

    i don’t know, i’m kinda new here, if you will let me guess, maybe it is realted among the 4 greatest witches of the ealier ages… it could be in gryffindor, syltherin, hufflepuff, or even ravenclaw… right? there could be a possibility…

  82. sarah

    to the person that said snape was muggleborn due to the flashback, the sentence never said that snapes parents were muggles. and i thought that it said that snape was being terrorised as a child, not that his father was abusing him????

  83. Katie

    Ok I went through and read all of these comments. There were like 3 saying it could be Seamus. He is Half blood after all. And it’s NOT Neville people. He is a pureblood! And I have to say that some comments indicated that who ever wrote them, hadn’t even READ the books. So it’s Seamus ok. Just leave it that.

  84. John

    Too minor of a character, I believe.

    If we assume that all parentage is as previously described in the books (no surprises in the wizarding world) — probably the best guess from me is now Hagrid. He did have a major role in book 2.

    Or Gryffindor himself…there is no mandate that the HBP has to be alive or an active member of the plot — as someone mentioned earlier — Harry withdrew the sword from the stone, I mean hat.

  85. siobhan

    Although I’d rather it be someone else, I think that the Prince is Hagrid. In OotP, there’s a lot of prejudice, what with centaurs and such, so we have learned that halfblood is not always just referring to wizards vs. muggles, but also to half humans, such as Hagrid. We know that the plotline of Half-Blood Prince was originally in CoS, but that she took it out, as well as the title, even though she really liked it. We learn quite a bit more about Hagrid in book 2. I’m wondering how exactly his mother died, and what she had to do with anything…
    anyway, JK says that in HBP we find out something that she started in CoS….what’s to be Harry’s the Heir of Gryffindor? I’ll bet that there’s this whole rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor that must come to an end…you know, in Chamber Tom Riddle, who is the last remaining descendant of Slytherin, fights against Harry with Salazar’s old basilisk. Harry pulls out Godric’s old sword form the hat that Godric got the idea to make. And don’t forget…Harry’s parents died in a place called “Godric’s Hollow”, which was where they were saying. So I think we may discover that.

  86. doglover93

    all the pure-bloods—OUT as it is the HALF-BLOOD prince, HE must be a half-blood & of course,be a male

    my first guess is dumbledore,as his parentage is unknown…..thats wat J.K needs rit??

    again, it maybe Hagird maybe because of his mom…but very unlikely(his moms dead rit?? as it says in book 5and his bro,so there will be 2 half-blood princes again, it might be snape, whose parentage is unknown….

  87. Debra

    I think it could be Luna’s Dad…he seems to be a brave soul and eager to write about what is really going on at the ministry of magic.

  88. rafael

    i think that it could be ron because HE IS NOT A PUREBLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember i forgot which book soeone says ” if there ever was a family of pureblood traitors it is the weasleys” and also on sirius’s family tree draco was on there so he is a pureblood. one more thing i think it could possibly firenze as he was also in book 2 and is a “half-blood” by wizarding standards.

  89. Anonymous

    what about that colin creevey kid. i haven’t read the books in a while so i don’t remember if they mentioned his parents and if he was half blood or not. but for sure he was introduced in the second book, so he could be a possibility,
    but it’s just a guess

  90. patty

    Please remember that Nevilles mom was an aurors so she is also a full witch. As everyone knows that Hagrids mother was just a giant and his father-rest his soul-was a wizard. So it has to be Hargid. As for Dumbledor we don’t truely know much about his linage since he is over 200 yrs on.

  91. John

    It doesn’t have to be Hagrid.

    We know he is a half-blood, but there are other half-bloods too.

    Hagrid is a very prime suspect — especially considering his role in the plot of Book Two.

  92. Samantha

    There are some people here that talk as if you have never opened a Harry Potter Book in your entire existence! People are saying it could be Ron or colin Creevy etc! The Weasleys are Purebloods and Colin Creevy is a Mudblood. Hence, Colin was attacked by the basilisk; the basilisk only went after mudbloods. As I am sure that those of you who are where I am at with the knowledge of these books would know what I am saying. As a wild guess I think it might be Seamus Finnigan.

  93. Samantha

    No John, Halfbloods means one parent was a witch or wizard and the other parent a muggle born. Mudblood equals both parents being muggle born and no wizard blood in you. I think it is time for you to re-read your Harry Potter books honey.

  94. John

    No, not quite. According to the Harry Potter Lexicon as long as you have at least one wizard parent, and one muggle grandparent, you are considered half-blood. (So a 3/4 blood is considered a half-blood, but a 1/4 blood wouldn’t be. Which is why Harry is a half-blood when both his parents were wizards/witches. His mother was muggle-born)

    This source does suggest that mudblood only refers to “muggle-borns”, so I admit my error on that front. So it can’t be Colin.

    However, while we know both parents of the Weasley’s are wizards, do we know about all four grandparents? (Mr. Weasley does have a fondness for Muggle-stuff…that could come from somewhere…) The same question might apply to Neville too.

    Both are listed in the lexicon as pureblood…but it’s not an official site, and they could be miscategorized under false assumptions.

    Just asking. It is definitely possible that somewhere in one of the books it mentions Ron’s and Neville’s grandparents were all wizards/witches. However, I suspect if anything, their pureblood status is only mentioned in dialogue. And whoever said it could be wrong.

  95. Sienna

    You guys are stupid and you keep reapeating the samething. I ddon’t know fo sure who I think th HBP will be but I really want to be surprised, and you guys should want to be to so just quit discussing it. Wait till’ the book comes out then you can know who the HBP is!!!

  96. John

    Regardless of how much we talk about it, we’re going to be surprised, unless JK Rowling herself (or some idiot at her publishers) reveals it beforehand.

    No amount of prediction changes the surprise of the result. But predicting can be fun.

    If anyone wants to hypothesize about anything concerning the next two books they are welcome to on this thread. Anyone reading it should realize that no one on this list is JK Rowling herself, or anyone with inside knowledge, so it is all speculation.

  97. Brenna

    salazar slytherin was mentioned all over the CoS…he hated muggles…..might be that his heir took in his footsteps for the exact same reasons (having being abandoned by a muggle parents or abused by one) snape was abused….i’m just not sure if it was by a muggle parent or a snobbish wizarding parent (his father was an abusive git….could very well be a wizard because lucias malfoy is abusive and he’s a wizard)and if i hear one more idiotic rumor about neville’s toad being a half blood animagus….i’m going to go homicidal

  98. fz

    THINK ! IF NOT POTTER OR THE DARK LORD could it not be that the Title Half Blood Prince could refer to an opposing threat to the Dark Lord; Dumbledore. Think about the parallel between Half Blood Prince and Half Blood Dark Lord. One good one bad. Educated guess!!

  99. Hunnicutt

    What do you mean “we don’t know about neville’s parents? They were both arouras. And as far as Sirus , don’t you think the fact that he is dead might put a crucial damper as his possibilites the HBP?

  100. bear

    small technicallity, just because it is the half blood prince doesn’t mean its a half blood. just a representative of them. another tiny bit, sirius was first introduced in the first book, just briefly withoout much detail, but its stil EXTREMELY doubtful it is him.

  101. SEA

    Everyone here keeps skiping over Ron. JKR said it was hard for her to get rid of this character. I think she may be talkin about Ron he’s Half blood. As stated earlier by Rafael on Sept. 16th.I think she is going to kill him off.

  102. Jason

    Nevelle can’t be the HBP ….in the order of the phoenix there was the prophcie about a male child being born in the month of july from trueblood parents in the order of the phoenix and that this boy would be the leader of the second war….I remember these to boys were HP and Neville Longbottom……these two boys are defiently a threat to Voldermort……that prophcie is my Harries parents were killed and Neville’s parents are insane…

  103. Katie

    Oh, I know!! The HBP is Doby!! haha… I am all for thinking it is Seamus Finnigan, just cause he said straight out in the second one that he was half and half. Just a thought.

  104. John

    The covers of the book were released this morning. The US and British Children’s covers both feature Harry and Dumbledore.

    Whether this means Dumbledore is the HBP is anybody’s guess.


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