The FBI wants to give congressmen lie-detector tests regarding leaks of documents.

The Public, according to a CNN poll, seems to overwhelmingly desire this too. Perhaps as a means of punishing all those congressmen we don’t like.

It’s somewhat ironic to hear the senators and congressmen arguing that polygraph tests aren’t accurate…as nothing has been done about the FBI’s reliance on them over the years. And that is one of the duties of both houses – to act as a check on the powers of the other branches. And now their negligence comes back to bite them.

While it’s ironic, they’re right. Polygraph tests aren’t accurate.

“Even Attorney General John Ashcroft has admitted that polygraph tests have at least a 15 percent false positive rate. That means a significant percentage of truthful individuals will be falsely labeled and investigated as drug users, terrorists and spies, oftentimes without any opportunity to respond. “