It’s my fault

I didn’t watch the All-Star game last night, and the National League lost.

I know the Post Hoc Propter Hoc fallacy is overused by sports fans. [Post Hoc = After This; Propter Hoc = Because of this. The Post Hoc Propter Hoc fallacy is the assumption that since B followed A, A caused B. There was an excellent Star Trek:TNG episode (Hero Worship #111) where a kid touched a control panel on a ship he had been told never to touch, immediately prior to an explosion that killed everyone but him.]

Anyway, back to the All Star Game. Fans of the sport are likely to console me: “It’s not your fault, the National League has lost for 8 straight years.

That coincides perfectly with me joining a weekly Tuesday night writer’s group. Every week, if I am in town, I am there. Sept 11th, 2001, I was there. A severe blizzard in the late 90s, I was one of four who showed up. Every Election Night – There. I believe I have missed due to a couple conflicts with High Holy Days, and there was a brief period where I had a Tuesday night class I was taking. But otherwise In Town + Tuesday Night = Writer’s Group. I haven’t watched the All-Star game in 8 years. And year after year, the National League has lost. The last three years we won were 94, 95 and 96, the three years immediately prior to my joining the group. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a conspiracy…8 times?

It’s my fault.

I’ve been invited to an Election Night gathering this November – and I have agreed to separate myself from the group for an evening. We’ll see if this helps Kerry and Edwards. If someone reminds me of this post next year, I promise, I will stay home and watch the game. We’ll see what happens.

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