Five Levels of Pleasure

If I **were** to search for a text to proselytize with, this article on The Five Levels of Pleasure might be where I would start. A very beautiful and inspirational piece, courtesy of Aish HaTorah, a group I respect greatly, but who at times also aggravate me.

Aish HaTorah has become one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to answering the vital question, “Why be Jewish?”.

“Come explore with us the rich ideas which have changed the world,” is the Aish approach to re-igniting Jewish pride. In doing so, Aish stems assimilation by reaching out and building bridges between Jews of all persuasions.

Reigniting Jewish pride is a very worthy goal, and is definitely necessary in this day of assimilation and secularism. Though they can at times be as persistent, and as aggravating as some Christian missionaries. As a Reform Jew (similar to the Protestant movement in Christianity) I don’t always agree with their teachings. However, their website is a treasure trove of inspirational material.

I’m a strong supporter of “passive proselytizing”. Make all the information available for those who are searching, and let them come to you.