Don’t you feel safer now?

The government, and the military are all on drugs! Why do I think this?

I can see no other explanation for this:

WASHINGTON – August 6 – In a development bordering on what the American Civil Liberties Union called “surreal,” the on-line magazine revealed that the Department of Justice is forwarding incoming Operation TIPS calls to the Fox-owned “America’s Most Wanted” television series.

“This is like retaining Arthur Andersen to do all of the SEC’s accounting,” said Rachel King, an ACLU Legislative Counsel. “It’s a completely inappropriate and frightening intermingling of government power and the private sector. What’s next – the government hires Candid Camera to do its video surveillance?”

and if that’s not enough, The Toronto Star reveals its not just the US Government who is on drugs, The US military is too, and the military confirms this:

WASHINGTON – U.S. jet fighter pilots, responsible for at least 10 deadly “friendly fire” accidents in the Afghanistan war, have regularly been given amphetamines to fly longer hours.

Then when they return to base, the pilots are given sedatives by air force doctors to help them sleep, before beginning the whole cycle again on the next mission, often less than 12 hours later.