From the Institute for Humane Studies comes a political quiz to figure out where you live in Politopia: a magical land where you can customize your government simply by moving. Here’s how it works:

The government’s role in your economic affairs diminishes as you move North, and increases as you move South.

The government’s role in your personal affairs diminishes as you move West and increases as you move East.

The Left / Right model we’re all familiar with is a river (the Main Stream) that runs from the SW corner to NE corner.

My Results:

You would feel most at home in the Southwest region You advocate a large degree of personal freedom and a large degree of government control over the economy. Your neighbors include such folks as Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Hilary Clinton, and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and may refer to themselves as “liberals,” “left-wing liberals,” “civil libertarians,” “democratic socialists,” “egalitarians,” or “anarcho-socialists.”

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  1. John

    Not too surprising. I don’t mind visiting those in the NorthWest at all. It’s those in the East I have the most difficulty with.

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