Poetry from my referrer log

[Explanation: The Top 20 search requests
so far in the month of August
In order
With a few connecting words
and phrases thrown in]

victor hugo
and the blonde star
having sex
in the blonde star commercial
porn sex
sex porn
yes yes yes!

jibjab sued over
drew barrymore sex
and drew barrymore naked

well, not really.
it didn’t have nothing
to do with the blonde star mp3 either

harry potter and the halfblood prince
were found in a tardis
reciting political poetry
and laughing at the
blonde star parody

drew barrymore having sex
with baton bob
would be quite a sight
with or without
drew barrymore topless

ahhhhhh drew barrymore
ahhhhhh harry potter and the half blood prince
ahhhhhh gavroche

0 thoughts on “Poetry from my referrer log

  1. Christy

    There is no way that you had time to be “inspired” by mine and create this one of your own, so it has to be freaky-a$$ coincidence.


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