ILM employees sign NDAs about eps 7 8 and 9

Allegedly all Employees at ILM (LucasFilm’s Industrial Light and Magic) have signed Non-disclosure agreements regarding the possibility of a Star Wars episode 7,8 & 9

When Lucas originally made the first three movies (numbered 4, 5, and 6 just to confuse any non-fan), he said there would be nine films.

When he made the fourth film a few years ago (Numbered 1), he denied ever saying this. When the interview transcripts were produced, he still maintained the last set of movies wouldn’t be made.

Now that we are approaching the release of episode #3 or #6 (depending upon how you count), he’s probably asking himself what he is going to do afterwards. And Episodes #7-9 are looking more and more appealing. (Just one hypothesis)

If he does make them, at least everyone will agree on the numbers to assign to them.

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