Palm Beach Absentee Ballot – 2004

Theresa LePore…does that name sound familiar?

She is the Palm Beach Elections supervisor responsible for the 2000 Butterfly Ballot. Below is her choice for the 2004 ballot.


From the butterfly ballot to the broken arrow, Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore is setting up the county for another election meltdown potentially, said the Delray Beach retiree, who was communications director for Children’s Hospital in Miami and a communications specialist for the Palm Beach County School District.

Kemp and others wonder why LePore had to complicate matters by using the broken arrow when voters could be asked simply to fill in a circle to indicate their vote, known as bubbling in.

”People have to bubble in a lot of things today, but I’ve never seen where you have to connect an arrow,” he said.

It looks simple enough — but apparently it is confusing to some, and no other counties in the area are doing it that way. Most are using the bubbles.

0 thoughts on “Palm Beach Absentee Ballot – 2004

  1. Greg Trotter

    The “broken arrow” approach is used statewide in Oklahoma, and somehow it seems to work.

    Ms. LePore does demonstratively have the stupidest voters in the nation to deal with. I don’t envy her.


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