Scientists choose top 10 SF films/authors of all time

60 scientists were polled, and a list of 10 top SF films of all time were generated. Results

Director Ridley Scott had two films in the top 10 – Blade Runner at #1, and Alien at #4. Kubrick placed #2 with 2001, and Lucas was at #3 with Star Wars. Solaris, Terminator, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, Matrix, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind completed the list.

Here’s the list of 60 scientists – including Richard Dawkins and Gregory Benford.

They also chose their top 10 SF authors

1. Isaac Asimov
2. John Wyndham
3. Fred Hoyle
4. Phillip K Dick
5. HG Wells
6. Ursula K Leguin
7. Arthur C Clarke
8. Ray Bradbury
9. Frank Herbert
10. Stanislaw Lem

Asimov definitely deserves the #1 spot…Clarke should be higher.

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