Messianic Judaism and Noahidism

Why do Messianic Jews get more press than Noahides?

One is a group of former Jews who have been inspired by Christianity to adopt a few of their beliefs, and one is a group of non-Jews (often former Christians) who have been inspired by Judaism to adopt a few of their beliefs. Is it because the Messianic Jews insist they’re still Jewish, even though they’re now followers of Christ, raising the ire of other Jews — whereas the Noahides don’t insist they’re still Christian, or anything else except Noahides? Or is it the Messianic Jewish desire to missionize that appears stronger than the average Christian missionary.

Perhaps its because Noahidism is based on something biblical accpeted by both major religions. (The seven laws given to Noah by God). Without controversy, there is no press.

Noahides should change their name to Noahide Christians. Get a few priests and bishops upset with them for claiming they can remain Christians without accepting Jesus as the embodiment of the Lord. In the words of Bob Marley, Stir it up. They’d get more press, and more converts.

6 thoughts on “Messianic Judaism and Noahidism

  1. John

    That’s an entirely different sect, who inspired by some Eastern religions, hold cows sacred, and therefore refuse to wear leather. Instead they wear only naugahyde.

    Really. Trust me.

  2. Annette

    Short answer to the question:Why are Noahides less annoying than Messianic Jews? Because Noahides consider the search for faith and truth a private, personal matter and do not need to influence others.My experience of being a Noahide is that it mainly concerns reading, study, prayer and chatting on-line about ideas with like-minded people.I live in Australia where I think there is about 10 Noahides, so I don’t think there’s much danger of us “starting a new religion.” The problem with your idea of Noahides describing themselves as starting a “Christians who don’t believe in Christ ” idea is that massacres could result. You know what Christian fundamentalists are like.Some Jewish people may think Noahides are silly, or just plain nuts, but many people are looking for moral and ethical guidelines, and hope for an after-life.The Noahide movement has helped me.

  3. John

    It’s been a few years, but I suspect my last paragraph was mostly sarcastic. If Noahides wanted their movement to grow, that is a way they could go about it. However, groups that don’t have a missionary zeal don’t care about growing in size.

    Of those Jews who know about the Noahide movement (likely a small number) – I’d hazard a guess that most of them don’t consider you silly. Like you, we tend to consider the search for faith or truth a private, personal matter.

  4. Kim

    Noahides don’t accept Jesus, as they don’t believe in idol worship. They are not Christians at all, they are simply just non-Jews who accept there is no other G-d than G-d. I myself am bnei noach. We are living our daily lives according to one of the oldest documents, the 7 laws of Noah. We may follow Jewish views and beliefs, as well as holidays, but we don’t call ourselves Jews. We know we’re not Jews. But messianic “Jews” who were Jews who now accept Jesus as their savior adopted Christian beliefs but still call themselves Jews when they should in actuality call themselves Christian. Noahides are not out to convert, we just simply live our lives in a way we feel we can connect to G-d, in a way that’s personal. We feel no need to exploit it.

    1. John Post author

      I, for one, appreciate your lack of desire to proselytize. As I said to Annette, this post contained some sarcasm. I should have also provided a better description of Noahide beliefs, instead of just a link.


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