Billy Bragg – The Price of Oil

From The Jungle:

“Last night at the Billy Bragg concert at Barrymore’s, Billy sang the song mentionned in the title, and then went and got a bunch of RCDs out and threw them into the audience, asking people to rip them and spread the song around.”

Download the song

Read the first verse:

voices on the radio
tell us that we are going to war
those brave men and woman in uniform
they want to know what they’re fighting for

the generals want to hear the end game
the alllies want to approve the plan
but the oil men in the white house
they just don’t give a damn

cause it’s all about the price of oil
it’s all about the price of oil
don’t give me no shit about blood sweat tears and toil
it’s all about the price of oil

And visit Billy’s site

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