Long time readers of this site know of my fascination with numerology.
Of course, numerology is what you make of it.


I was born on the 176th anniversary of the exact day King Louis XVI was beheaded.

I entered the hospital at age 16 on the 134th anniversary of the day Victor Hugo was officially expelled from France. (I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome…a disease named after 2 French scientists)

176-134 = 42 (The answer to life, the universe, everything)

And to top everything off, I was fired from a job I had had for ten years on the 200th anniversary, exactly, of Victor Hugo’s birth.

You will note that none of the three dates mentioned above were of my choosing. I had no control over when I was born, got sick, or was fired.

I’ve been obsessed with Victor Hugo in particular, and a Francophile in general, since 1988 — When I saw Les Miserables on Broadway. In May. 103 years after Victor Hugo died. (It may not have been timed to the exact date.)

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