Of Bowling

Last weekend I joined several StlBloggers for bowling at Tropicana. To put it simply, while I had a fun, enjoyable time, and I enjoyed meeting several of them for the first time, I played very sloppily.

This weekend I joined several friends I’ve known for over ten years at Olivette, and for whom I have no need to make a good first impression, and I bowled on the high end of my ‘average’. My evidence, the scoresheet, is below with the other names/initials erased to protect their anonymity.


(Numerologically there isn’t much to point out of note. One multiple of 18 in the second game – the 4th frame.)

Some readers may wonder why I am ‘bragging’ that the high end of my average is in the 80s and 90s. Well, it is significantly better than how I bowled at Tropicana. And the fact that I am able to get 3 strikes in 2 games might surprise a few of those I met last weekend.

I made the comment to one of my fellow bowlers last night that “if I actually took some lessons, and learned what I was doing, I could be dangerous.”

Obviously my problem last weekend had to have been the bowling alley. I’ll never bowl at Tropicana again.

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