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Back in June I wrote how the Milky Way Galaxy was being charged with shredding another galaxy. Now it turns out it wasn’t a first offense

Here’s a story on a woman so drunk, she decides her 5-year old son should steer the car while she operates the pedals.

Swans are joining the Great Animal Rebellion

There has to be a better way to get into the Guinness Book

Psychologist reduces happiness to mathematical formula: P+(5E)+(3H) [if only the ‘H’ were a ‘Z’…]

Australia starts the Resistance-Movement. Crocodile Jailed

An international battle over the bones of St. Nick

And perhaps the biggest news shocker of all: The parents of the “cloned baby” refuse to allow DNA verification. **gasp** that was so unexpected. Though there is already talk of a documentary…

We still await news from the Italian Scientist who said there’d be a clone born in January….

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