Poetic Flashback

I just read* the below poem at the Hartford Coffee Company open mic.

It was written three years ago on 2/3/02 . It was published at the late Newspoetry. Since the Newspoetry archives disappeared a month or so ago, it’s no longer possible, I think, to find it in Google’s caches. (Though it’s probably at archive.org I haven’t checked.)

Anyway, to make it easier to find:

2/3/02: Heavenly-Throne Quarterback

It seems Jesus
has begun rooting
for a different team —

A team that doesn’t
mention His name
in the post-game interviews.


Who do the Patriots
think they are,
taking credit as a team
for their victory?

Don’t they know
who wins has nothing
to do with skill or talent?

It’s all in
the capable hands
of Jesus Christ,

He decided today
to sacrifice the Rams…
that’s all there is to it.
If the Rams wish to win next year

they need to find out why.
Perhaps an offering is required.
Perhaps they shouldn’t eat meat
during Lent.

Perhaps worshipping Satan
might bring them
ultimate victory.

All options must be considered.

*I Love Wireless!