Morning activities

Two weeks later, and I’m back at my local library/bookcrossing zone

If you want to see the books I have released, or are about to release, you can go to my bookshelf. I’m not releasing any this morning at the library, as I am holding on to them for the local bookcrossers meetup. Those that don’t get passed on directly to someone there, will get released into the wild. Of course, before I release them, if you see something on the list you have a strong desire to read, let me know…we might be able to work something out. Especially if you agree not to store the book away in some damp corner of your home after you’re done, but release it back into the wild again.

I’m checking out a few cds this morning to listen to. One is by Warren Zevon. I’ve heard a fellow blogger mention Warren a few times on her blog/s. So while I’m not familiar with him, I decided I’d take his cd for a test-drive. I’m also bringing home a 4-cd folk retrospective. I’m really only interested in the 4th cd, which ends with Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. The other 3 cds are more country than folk, at least in my opinion.

In a few I will head to the local mall for a meetup based on a popular children’s series of novels, though it looked like all those attending the meetup weren’t children, which is good. I wouldn’t want to look like…well, you know. 36 year old man shows up to discuss books with a bunch of elementary and high school students? That wouldn’t look kosher.