My musical horizons are expanded

A couple days ago I mentioned I picked up a Warren Zevon CD at the local library because a fellow blogger had mentioned his name in the past.

It’s been playing in my car for the past few days. The CD is rather enjoyable.

My musical background isn’t extensive, so I’m not very good at detecting who someone “sounds like”, but I’ve decided Zevon sounds like a mix between the Grateful Dead and CCR. At least he does to me. And it’s a good mix.

I have so far won 7 free Itunes songs from the Pepsi/Itunes promotion, and at least one of these legitimate Itunes downloads will probably be to expand my Zevon collection.

I could use a recommendation or two. Don’t bother recommending any songs from his album, The Wind. That’s the album I got from the library, and I’m not going to waste my pepsi caps downloading a song I already have. 🙂

0 thoughts on “My musical horizons are expanded

  1. Christy

    I swear I responded to this last night. I had recommedations and I offered to burn you a copy of “Life’ll Kill Ya,” which is my favorite.

    re: downloads. Anything of the above or “Excitable Boy,” would be my gut recommendation.

  2. John

    You did. I believe I deleted it accidentally along with a lot of poker and pron spam. Here’s the text of your previous comment (in case future visitors are looking for WZ recx):

    I won’t bother recommending any songs from The Wind. But, go back a couple to Life’ll Kill Ya. Anything from that is great. Although, I’d have to say it’s an ALBUM, and better you just get the entire CD (I can burn you a copy, even).

    My other favorite is an early one: Excitable Boy. But, man, that’s another you should really have the entire album.

    Some songs not on the above-mentioned: Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, Mutineer, (Anything with Monkey in the title), Reconsider Me, Searching for a Heart, Seminole Bingo.

    And, for dessert????? “Enjoy Every Sandwich”–which is a tribute album. This is my fave album from 2004.

    I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,