Looking for a new free blogging script

From my research it appears the only moveabletype plugins that will truly prevent the DoS attacks my blog has been getting only work on MT 3.x . MT 3.x costs money. Even if I add a script that will moderate every comment, the server still gets hit with each attack.

I don’t want to add a CAPTCHA — those funky letters you have to read and type to submit a comment. Spammers have learned how to crack them, and besides, visually impaired people have difficulty with them too — and since I work for a not-for-profit which provides services to the disabled, I’m not going to prevent the disabled from making comments on my blog. That would be the height of irony.

Any suggestions for blogging programs I can
1) install on my site
2) Free
3) not as susceptible to spam attacks as Moveable Type

I know some will suggest going LiveJournal. (LJ, by the way was just purchased by SixApart, makers of MoveableType.) If I take my blog outside my domain, I am going to use Bloghorn. I like to support local products, especially good ones like Bloghorn.

[Naturally…if you have a suggestion…send it to me by email. Link on the Left. Comments are disabled.]

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