In the Cards for Marvel

Orson Scott Card has been hired to write for Marvel Comic’s Ultimate Iron Man.

unfortunately, it appears he’s a bigot.

For the record, I can actually respect his initial rantings against court legislation. There are sound arguments why this is an issue better left to state and federal legislatures. It’s when he leaves that argument (which is quite early in the piece) and starts expressing his beliefs on the issues that he reveals himself.

I’d never read any of Card’s political columns. I remember enjoying his Alvin Maker series of novels, but that was so many years ago. I actually never read his Ender’s Game. (The ending got spoiled for me, so I decided, ‘why bother?’. Same thing happened with the film, The Crying Game. Luckily, I got to see Sixth Sense before I learned how it ended.

Why do so many people follow O Henry’s example? Here, let me tell you now, almost every single novel Victor Hugo ever wrote ended the same way – with death. Yes, Disney fans, Quasi is dead and rotting by the end of the BOOK. So is Esmeralda. No. Sequel. Possible. I’d give anything for an accurate translation of Notre Dame de Paris into a movie. (Written in hard to read color, highlight to read. Don’t highlight if you’re a kid and like Disney movies.). Trust me…I haven’t spoiled a thing. Maybe I’ve made one or two kids cry, and if I have, I apologize for that. That’s why I put the warning there.)

Despite his political and social beliefs, Card can write well. And the comics might end up being good. I remember reading Niven and Pournelle’s Fallen Angel and enjoying it despite its slams against Greens.

Henry Ford knew how to make a car, and Walt Disney knew how to draw a mouse. I might buy the first issue and see what I think