Weekend Plans

As many know, I will be at Archon #29 in Collinsville, IL this weekend.  As a fan…I’m not a guest.  Someday.  Someday.
Below is a list of where you are likely to find me at what time of day if you happen to be there too.  Along with a few comments.  It may also give you an idea of the type of panels and other stuff that is available.  To see what I didn’t choose, visit the archonstl.org website.


7:00pm  (wherein I miss another Archon Opening Ceremonies because they schedule a panel I want to attend up against it.)


GC – Illini B   (Writing) So, You Wrote A Book – Getting Started In Publishing In The New Millennium: Rebecca Meluch(M), Cindy Appel, Haley Elizabeth Garwood, Caitlin Moriarity, Warren Lapine  


8:00pm  (coin toss #1)


GC – Illini B   (Media) "Who’s On Again – A Discussion Of The New Doctor: Steve Swope, Mike Evans, Jenny Evans, Robert Levy, Mike Dugan

GC – Mississippian   (Fan) Play – The Kryptonite Caper


9:00pm (undecided…maybe get a drink or two in the hospitality room?)



GC – Mississippian   (Filk/GoH) "Pink Tennies and All": Eric Coleman



GC – Mississippian   (Filk/GoH) Filk Mayhem Concert: Eric Coleman, Tom Smith






GC – Mississippian   Paranormal – The SF Of The Romance Genre – Crossing Genres: Robin Owens(M), Rae Morgan, Elizabeth Donald, Leigh Wyndfield, Haley Elizabeth Garwood


1:00pm  (Coin Toss #2.  It looks like guest panelist Ryu Cope will also be tossing a coin)


GC – Marquette A   (Writing) Home Grown SF&F – St. Louis Area Writers: Cindy Appel, Marella Sands, Ryu Cope, Lloyd Kropp, Mark Tiedemann


HI – Calhoun   "There Once Was A Girl From St. Lou…"; Poetry Really Belongs In SF & Fantasy: Joey Froehlich(M), Elizabeth Barrette, Ryu Cope




GC – Mississippian   (GoH) Overlooked And Underappreciated Authors You Should Know But May Not: M.R. Sellars(M), Stephen Hickman, Glen Cook, Jim Bakke




GC – Mississippian   On The Wrong Side Of Uncle Sam: Elonka Dunin, Barri Bumgarner




GC – Marquette A   The Fantasy Phenomenon – Use Of Telepathy & Other Phenomenon In Fantasy: Robin Owens, M.R. Sellars, Cullen Bunn


5:00pm   (Roll a 4 sided die)


GC – Illini A   (Writing) Doing Your Homework – Research Techniques For Writers: Susan Squires, Susan Baugh, Richard White, Bill Clemente

GC – Illini B   Fan Fiction – Turning Your Favorite Characters
Into Your Own Fantasy: Cindi Gille-Rowley

GC – LaSalle   (Fan/Filk/GoH) Fannish Drinking Songs & Other Silly Stuff: Tom Smith, Eric Coleman
GC – Marquette A   (Writing/GoH) Marketing Your Books: K.D. Wentworth(M), Rae Morgan, Leigh Wyndfield, Haley Elizabeth Garwood


6:00pm  (Coin Toss #2 … I may try to find a way to do both)


GC – Mississippian   (Media) The Obligatory Star Trek Panel: Cindy Appel(M), John Novak, Doug Ferguson, Mike Cole, Sam Maronie, Judi Cook





GC – Marquette A   Charity Auction (2 hours)




GC – Mississippian   (GoH) Sex & Science Fiction – How Far Can You Go?: Rae Morgan(M), Elizabeth Donald, Robin Owens, Jen Schumacher, Elizabeth Barrette




GC – Mississippian   (Writing) Aesthetics Of Horror Fiction – How Do We Write Fear?: H.R. Knight, Thomas M.K. Stratmann, M.R. Sellars, Mike Oliveri, Barri Bumgarner, James C. Bassett


11:00 pm (find my friends, which will be easy, since they should be roaming around the Holiday Inn Room Parties by now.)  






GC – Marquette A   (GoH) What’s New At Baen Books (slide show, door prizes; 2 hours): Toni Weisskopf




GC – Illini A   Fiction With An Agenda: Richard White(M), Bill Clemente, Lynn Stranathan, Donna Bakke





2.00 pm       

HI – Calhoun   (Writing/GoH) Why Do I Write?: K.D. Wentworth, Sandra C. Morrese, Vic Milan, Mike Oliveri, Donald Mead, Mike Brotherton


GC – LaSalle   (Media/GoH) Q & A: Marc Singer, Joanna Cassidy, Melody Anderson

5:00pm  (Coin Toss)


GC – Illini A   (Writing/GoH) How To Get Out Of The Slush Pile And Get Published: Bill Fawcett(M), K.D. Wentworth, Susan Squire
GC – Mississippian   Small Press Publishing: Selina Rosen(M), Mark Tiedemann, Rae Morgan, Haley Elizabeth Garwood, James C. Bassett, Barri Bumgarner, Michales Warwick Joy


GC – Illini B   (GoH) Vampires & Werewolves & Zombies, Oh My!: Tom Seymour(M), Sherri Dean, S
usan Squires, Elizabeth Donald, Melissa Tatum  

GC – Illini B   (Filk/GoH) Let’s Write A Filk Song: Eric Coleman, Tom Smith


GC – Illini B   (Art) It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Comic Book – Graphic Novels: Mitch Foust, Paul Daly, Jen Schumacher, Caitlin Moriarity


9:00pm   (Hey!  Luke Ski’s coming?  This wasn’t advertised!  He must either realllly like St. Louis, or he’s trying to hawk his latest album…)


HI – Ballrooms C, D   (Filk) The Great Luke Ski Special Concert (some time during the dance): Luke Ski


10 pm

Get an earlier start on the room parties than Friday night






GC – Illini A    What A Fool Believes – Religion, Politics, & SF: Lloyd Kropp(M), Steven Antczak, Joseph P. Martino, Rebecca Meluch, Tom Meserole, Vic Milan


Noon (get out my tired coin)  


GC – Illini A   Alternative Publishing – Self Publication, E-books, Etc.: Elizabeth Donald(M), Ruth Souther, Leigh Wyndfield, Warren Lapine

GC – Mississippian   (Media/GoH) Genre TV – All The SF That’s Fit To Show (And Some That’s Not): Susan Baugh(M), Melissa Tatum, Linda Wyatt, Jody Lynn Nye, Sherri Dean, Jim Bakke, Donna Bakke, Judi Cook



GC – LaSalle   (Filk) The Great Luke Ski In Concert: Luke Ski


Great way to end the day…tho Closing Ceremnies is at 4.  Since I missed opening ceremonies, maybe I’ll attend.