Capital Punishment

Here’s a post from March of 2004 on Capital Punishment

It lists the reasons I’m against it, and also to another blogger’s post about a case in Missouri five years before when we may well have executed an innocent person.

Fortunately, the information in this old post about the execution of juveniles has changed since then. The US, on March 1, 2005, removed itself from this incredibly short list.

0 thoughts on “Capital Punishment

  1. ShoshanaRubin

    “Tookie” and Condie’s Denial of Torture in the US.

    Why does our Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, deny torture exists in our great country when the death penalty is alive and unwell, more applicable in some states, completely banned in other states and does seem to be more about politics than punishment?

    When the California Republican Party issued strong warnings to Governor Schwarzenneger that he will suffer the wrath of the party faithful if he fails to have the state of California execute Stanley “Tookie” Williams, is this not political gamesmanship?

    But the real question is how can Condi Rice issue strong declarations which deny the US even uses torture when we execute children, the mentally afflicted and the mentally retarded? Why do we execute Timothy McVeigh and not Charles Manson, the “Unabomber”, Sirhan Sirhan and Susan Smith? What consistency am I failing to grasp? If McVeigh had written books denouncing terrorism, should his life have been spared?

    This is neither a plea to spare or not spare the life of “Tookie” Williams. This is a plea for consistency and a strong plea to spare us, the US citizens, the hypocrisy of Condi Rice’s speech which condemns torture and in fact denies we even use torture in the US. The flagrant misuse of the death penalty in our great nation which is more about politics than justice is torture whether Condi Rice is in denial or not.

    Shoshana Rubin

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  2. DL Emerick

    The whole idea of intentionally harming another person is morally wrong. All corporal punishment is morally wrong, not just the “capital” kind of the unkind capitalists.

    Those who oppose the death penalty need to stand more firmly upon the greater moral principle that denies legitimacy to all uses of violence, uses of man, and uses violence against man, using man in violence.

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