Relearning something from my niece

My niece did something a year ago I thought was really cute and funny.
I forget the movie her parents took her to, but apparently during a
scene she found scary she watched it through her fingers. She didn’t
close her eyes, or turn away, she still saw everything. But she felt
watching it through her fingers helped.

I think I found it humorous because it had been such a long time for
me I’d forgotten. Last night, however, for a few seconds, I was
watching through my fingers just like her. (Not to suggest she was
there with me. What scares us are on radically different levels, and
anyone who brought a 7year old to this movie should be charged with
child abuse.)

I laughed, I cried, I was frozen in my seat. And if I wasn’t leaving
town on Saturday, I’d be back in the theater this weekend, and
willingly pay full price. There are only a handful of remakes in
history that have outdone the originals.

Kong deserves the five star reviews it’s been getting. Even though it
doesn’t have a teenage hearthrob in it, I think it has a chance of
challenging Titanic box office receipts. The one difficulty it might
have is there are a significant number of people who don’t like
‘horror’ movies. And Peter Jackson’s version of Skull Island is
definitely a more frightening place than the original.

0 thoughts on “Relearning something from my niece

  1. DL Emerick

    I do the same thing as your niece, even to this day, but not so much with my fingers in front of my face.

    When a piece of a tv — movie or show or video — threatens me,
    my fingers twitch the remote control, to jump to a safe channel, where the threat can not follow me, to pierce my eyes, plunge its daggered danger into my mind.

    When do I twitch like this? Oh, scary scenes will make me do this, for sure — the pseudo tensions of a shocking popping into view.

    And, I confess, too, I twitch when I am watching something that others would disapprove when they pop into my viewing room — a piece of porn, perhaps, oh for sure — naked bodies writhing, in some some sort of imitation of pleasure, ever forbidden as we know it to be, and even more forbidden to view it, as it seems ever to belong under the covers, in the darkness, in the night — where all scary things lurk, waiting to take us away and slay us by their tortures.

    I twitch channels now, to channel some other, medium, me diadem.