Kinky Friedman is running for Governor of Texas

The same Kinky Friedman who used to be the lead singer for the
country/folk/comedy group: Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys.
Since then he’s become a writer of mysteries, where the detective is

I wonder if his ‘paper trail’ will cause him any problems.

His lyrics “mama, baby, mama, let me jump in your pajamas” and “get
your biscuits in the oven, and your buns in the bed” might upset a few

The song ‘they ain’t making jews like jesus anymore’ could offend
some, as could these lyrics:

Flyin’ down the freeway
Jettin’ down to L.A., it sets me free
Going back to Nashville in my Jew canoe
Flyin’ down the freeway all the way with you


Ride, ride ’em Jewboy,
Ride ’em all around the old corral.
I’m, I’m with you boy
If I’ve got to ride six million miles.


I saw a picture yesterday
In a men’s room near l.a.
Lying on the floor beside the throne.
Had i not recognized the cross
I might have failed to know the boss,
I thought, lord, you look neglected and alone.

I picked it up with lovin’ care,
I wondered who had placed it there,
When l saw there was no paper on the roll.
I said, lord, what would you do
If you were me and i was you,
Take a chance, save your pants or your soul ?

He might lose some votes in El Paso due to his song: *sshole from el paso

Some portions of the religious community might wonder what his book,
“Elvis, Jesus and CocaCola” is all about, and some might also complain
about his occasional use of the word “Christian” as a verb.

It should be interesting.