So far, so good.

So far, so good. Due to the Easy Predictions I made a couple weeks ago regarding the Movie Box Office, my ratio is going up.

The movie I predicted would debut at #1 this past weekend, did. (Harry also slipped on a patch of oil I wasn’t expecting, but the Lion roared supreme.)

I still have complete faith that PJ will be eating Turkish Delight next weekend. I am leaving town though on Saturday morning, and won’t be back until December 27. I will be separated from technology for the time period, so I won’t know if the rest of my predictions came true until the end of the year.

I will say, there is one historical movie I had forgotten about that is being released in these final weeks that might not take any hostages. But I’m still laying my bets on the Great Ape to finish on top.

update: The historical movie above is only opening to a limited release in two weeks (so it qualifies for an Academy Award). It’s main realease isn’t until the new year, so I’ll just stretch my predictions until then, and say the Great Ape will be taken hostage on Jan 6.

After that, it’s such a slushpile, I’ll go for a longshot and predict Woody and Scarlett will take the Mossad on in a doubles-match on 1/20.

(If anything, it’s fun to come up with these descriptions)