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Beginning of a Filk

Why comic geeks must purchase plastic covers
Starve their wife and children, say their daily prayers,
And what has the right, as arbiter of cost
To have the final word at sale?

Condition, Condition!

(Unsure when if ever I will get around to writing additional verses. Anyone else who feels inspired is welcome to try their hand.)


So, I’m taking an intro to Judaism class with Jenifer

Last night was our third session, and the Rabbi was illustrating oral tradition with an old fashioned game of telephone. With 15 students, he whispered to student one, “Star Wars was the best movie ever.” By the time it reached the end of the line, “Star Trek was the best movie ever.”

He declared that it was the first time he had ever done the experiment that he came across a ‘heretic’ that intentionally changed the message. First time he’s dealt with me.

[What does this mean for the accuracy of the oral tradition? I’ll let you decide that.]