Monthly Archives: September 2001

WW – Week 10

Sept 26,2001

.It must be the shirt…3/4 of a pound can’t make that much of a difference. There was another food-day at work at the end of last week, that had leftovers that went into this week, but I still managed to lose a little.

I have made a New Years resolution to start getting some exercise. I am going to take a half hour out of each day to do exercises. I don’t think I can convince myself that I have enough time to walk for 30 minutes a day, but I can probably convince myself I have the time to exercise in front of the television set. It couldn’t hurt.

9.8 pounds 10 weeks

WW – Week 9

Sept 19,2001

Tuesday night my family had a holiday dinner to welcome in the new year. Cheese appetizers, apples and honey, wine, lots of challah, and some real nice desserts.

24 hours before weigh-in, there wasn’t much to do except try to have as good a week as possible beforehand. I ended up breaking even with no weight loss or weight gain. My group leader asked me, “a year ago, would you have gained weight?” and I knew the answer was, “yes.” So I should be happy with what happened.

The one mistake I made during the dinner was eating more challah than I probably should have, but the plate ended up in front of me, and I kept tearing off small pieces. It was so good.

I’ve also lately caught myself slipping on journaling. I journal in my mind from day-to-day. Since I am able to eat 3 meals a day, and do very little snacking, it’s not difficult to figure out at dinner how many points I have left to spend. However, not writing it down, I don’t know on days I want to eat a little more how many points I’ve saved up. It’s easy to tell myself “I’m sure I’ve saved enough for this,” but I don’t know for sure.

I also need to be a little more active. The health food store I mentioned a few weeks ago is finally opening next Wednesday. It’s about six or 7 blocks away, so it’s close enough to walk to and pick up a few small items and walk back. I’m going to try to work that in my routine at least once a week.

9 pounds 9 weeks

WW – Week 8

Sept 12,2001

Yikes. If there was ever any week not to go to the meeting this would have been it. The events yesterday were horrifying. I have relatives who live in New York, spent about 6 months in DC several years ago, and while everyone I know is alright, I can’t get those images from the television news out of my mind. I am eating dinner with my family this evening at the time when I would normally go to the meeting, so I went to an earlier meeting

Going in the correct direction once again. Two pounds, and I had a real enjoyable weekend celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek. I was sitting in front of a television most of it watching all 9 movies, and many episodes, so I didn’t get much exercise, but I managed to eat only small quantities of chip, dip, etc. and I was overly careful the rest of the week.

Standing around at work yesterday talking to co-workers about the news events I had several of those small chocolate Hershey nuggets out of nervousness. But I still lost, which is a good sign.

The meeting I went to today is a new one in town, only began a couple weeks ago and I was the only one there besides the leader, so we had a 1-1 meeting. Luckily it was the same leader as the evening meeting so she knew who I was.

She gave me some good ideas regarding snacking, and we discussed how to best handle Yom Kippur which is coming up in two weeks. (The fasting part is real easy, except she recommended that I eat a somewhat larger meal than I have been the last 8 weeks for the pre-fast meal since a “diet-sized” meal might make it more diffcult to make it through the fast, and of course not to try to eat a full day’s worth of points in the break-fast meal after the fast is over — just to remember that I can’t bank more than 5 points on a given day.)

9 pounds 8 weeks

WW – Week 7

Sept 5,2001

Another week, another pound and a half, unfortunately this time in the wrong direction.

I could blame it on Labor Day weekend, but the weekend didn’t force me to eat what I ate. I did get 2 hours of walking in during the week which probably helped to make it not as bad as it could have been.

In Week 4 I gained a pound, didn’t let it get to me and got right back on program — and in Week 5 I lost it again, plus an additional pound and a half. I can do that again. Our group leader emphasized tonight that we should all be proud of ourselves despite whether we gained or lost this week, because we came to the meeting.

Tonight I renewed my membership for 20 more weeks. That will take me up to Jan 19, 2 days before my birthday. I am in this for the long term. Despite a couple bad weeks, I am having more success overall on WW than I have had on other diets. By my birthday I hope to be half-way to my goal – 178 pounds – that’s only slightly more than a pound a week, so it’s achievable.