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WW – Week 18

Nov 21, 2001

Week 17: lost 1/4 pound
Week 18: lost 2.5 pounds

I was happy to lose in week 17, but I had hoped for more than a quarter pound. This past week made up for that. I joked with my group leader that it was just in time for me to gain back over Thanksgiving. Though I do not plan on overeating as I have in the past.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have some out-of-town cousins visiting, who I rarely get to spend time with. I have a good job. Many friends. And I’m 15 pounds lighter than I was in July.

14.8 pounds 18 weeks

WW – Week 16

Nov 7, 2001

Week 15: gained 1 pound
Week 16: lost 1 pound

The last two weeks are a wash, though I know why I gained a pound two weeks ago. Over that weekend I went winetasting. And while I budgeted for the wine, I didn’t budget for the cheese and salami my ‘friends’ brought along. And the more I drank, the harder it was to pay attention to what I was eating.

Tonight I had dinner at my parents house and went upstairs to my old room and removed a set of weights from an old closet. (They’d been sitting there for over five years.) As I joked to my mother, they’re not doing me much good there, I should at least put them in one of my closets at home.

Instead of that, I have placed them on the floor next to my computer table. Now when I’m downloading something, and getting bored, instead of getting up and walking to the kitchen, I’ll get up and lift some weights. At least, that’s the idea. We shall see if it works.

Halloween night I went to a haunted bookstore. Besides fun things like tarot card readings, and ouija boards, they had a 15% discount on all books. I found a collection of poetry by Edgar A Guest. Within I found a very inspirational poem: Can’t

12 pounds 16 weeks