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Some may wonder why the last two posts? What has spurred my interest in this issue to dredge up what I wrote last year, and to write something new?

Well, we are in the middle of the local United Way’s annual campaign. The company I worked for for 10 years (prior to being laid off back in February) was a very active participant. So I automatically start thinking about the United Way in September and October every year.

I knew about this issue long before the Supreme Court case, and only donated anything to the campaign one year, and that year I donated specifically to one agency, and not to the general fund. My general philosophy over the years was to refrain from participating, but remain quiet at work. Not a philosophy I am exactly proud of. But I didn’t really think it would be great for my job to be very vocal about why I wasn’t giving money.

Well…I no longer have that job…

A Reluctant Confession

A Reluctant Confession

I was a member of the KKK
There was a chapter at my local grade school
My parents encouraged me to join
They thought it would help me to become a man

I had a lot of fun
We cleaned up the highways
Played sports
Had adventures

I’d like to be able to say
I was still a supporter of the KKK
But perhaps you have heard
They discriminate

Sure the courts have declared
That it is ok
And I guess I agree
But I will not encourage my kids to join

I don’t want my kids
To be taught to hate
And I hope you understand
I don’t want my money supporting the KKK either

So if my local school
Supported by my tax dollar
Has a chapter
They will hear my objection

The same goes for the local
Police and fire department
And if a charity gives money to them
They won’t get money from me

Even if they give
A whole ton of money
To a lot of great organizations
That don’t discriminate

Because I don’t want
One penny of mine
Going to the KKK
I’m sorry, that’s just the way I feel