Monthly Archives: January 2003

In the News

Back in June I wrote how the Milky Way Galaxy was being charged with shredding another galaxy. Now it turns out it wasn’t a first offense

Here’s a story on a woman so drunk, she decides her 5-year old son should steer the car while she operates the pedals.

Swans are joining the Great Animal Rebellion

There has to be a better way to get into the Guinness Book

Psychologist reduces happiness to mathematical formula: P+(5E)+(3H) [if only the ‘H’ were a ‘Z’…]

Australia starts the Resistance-Movement. Crocodile Jailed

An international battle over the bones of St. Nick

And perhaps the biggest news shocker of all: The parents of the “cloned baby” refuse to allow DNA verification. **gasp** that was so unexpected. Though there is already talk of a documentary…

We still await news from the Italian Scientist who said there’d be a clone born in January….

Is New York City dangerous?

Everyone knows NYC is a dangerous place to live, right?

Well…the number of murders in Manhattan in the year 2002 was lower than it has been for 100 years.

Not per-capita. The total number. In 1902 there were 102 murders. In 1972 there were 661. In 2002, as of Sunday, there were 82. The Manhattan police are definitely doing something right.

Peter Pan in Court

Author of Peter Pan, James M. Barrie died in 1937. Under old copyright law, copyright would have normally expired in 1987, fifty years after the death of the author.

A recent congressional act extending copyrights by 20 years in the US would take that to 2007. However, this math is irrelevant, say the owners of the copyright.

As the owner is not, as one would have expected, Barrie’s descendents.
Apparently Barrie turned the copyright over to a hospital for children in 1929, and an act of British Parliament awarded the hospital the copyright inperpetuity.

A Canadian author recently wrote a sequel, and is challenging this notion.