Monthly Archives: July 2003

Deception, or…

Bush’s claim in Jan 2003 State of the Union that Iraq sought to purchase Uranium from Africa revealed as bogus. And apparently, a CIA report indicating the inaccuracy of the information was supplied to the White House a year prior.

1) Bush knew, and deliberately deceived the American People
2) The information never reached the President

Someone needs to be either impeached, or fired. As Sen. Ted Kennedy said “We cannot risk American lives because of shoddy intelligence or outright lies.”

Big Tits

Big Tits is a French racehorse. The news story reveals the modern French phrase for this is Gros Nichons. Of course, slang evolves in France, just as it does elsewhere. a couple centuries ago, French Explorers preferred the term “Grand Tetons.”

Method Writing III

A young Taiwanese female author, nabbed by police on charges of soliciting for prostitution, says she was offering herself for sexual services to enrich her
experience for her books, police said….

I can definitely understand the author’s dilemma. “Write what you know.” we are told. How do you write about it, if you haven’t experienced it?

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